Monday, March 26, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 3/26/12

Congratulations to AC360, Anderson Cooper & CNN for their GLAAD win on Saturday night ~ Outstanding TV Journalism - Newsmagazine: "The 'Sissy Boy' Experiments" Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)

Interviews with Angela Corey (FL St. Attorney), Mikhail Muhammad (New Black Panther Party), Joe Oliver (anchor, reporter & Zimmerman friend) and Daryl Parks (Martin family attorney).

We found Anderson's interview with Minister Mikhail Muhammad, whose organization The New Black Panther Party has offered a $23,000 reward for the capture of Zimmerman, worthy of including in our post tonight. Towards the end of the interview Muhammad said, " Your divisive tactics won't work today Anderson. You got to find another sucker, Anderson. Sorry to disappoint you, buddy." As AC said, in introducing the interview, "Decide for yourselves what he wants".

RACIAL SLUR ON 911 CALL? Anderson Cooper and Gary Tuchman reporting

360 RAW POLITICS, CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Anderson Cooper reporting on CBS video of Santorum confrontation with NYT reporter
Follow up: Cornell Belcher and Mary Matalin



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Pasquale said...

Why does anderson fuel the fire, the family doesnt want mahhamads military involved, hes not a citizen so why is he allowed the privlage to protest against our system. He shouldnt be given our attention at 1030 at night.

Pemberly said...

I found the interview with the representative of the New Black Panther Party so upsetting that I e-mailed the show. Why do Anderson and other CNN anchors insist on this non-stop coverage of the TrayVon Martin incident? It was even worse on the Don Lemon show over the weekend (I tweeted him). It's fine to present different views but some of these people are inciting violence. Has Anderson considered his culpability if George Zimmerman gets killed as a result of letting the hatred spew forward on his show? I have confidence that the federal and state authorities will conduct a fair and complete investigation. Let the truth come out, whatever it may be. If Zimmerman is not charged or found not guilty in a trial, all this publicity inciting anger will become even worse.

And why did we have to view the piece on the 911 call again? This is the third night in a row that is has been shown.

Anonymous said...

An okay 360 Monday night but if I was in charge, it would have looked a little different.

The Trayvon Martin murder is still big news but I would have cut a segment out of it, maybe the too-long New Black Panthers interview, to have a segment about the Supreme Court hearing the reformed health care mandate ("Obamacare") lawsuit. Isha did give this story some time in the first Bulletin but there should have been more.

I fuly believe Santorum dissing a NY Times reporter was rehearsed/staged/the idea of a staffer... whatever.

I didn't like the Ridiculist because I don't like Borat and I don't want to pay any attention to his pranks. Instead I would have Anderson rant about that town in Colorado which cancelled the Easter Egg Hunt because of how badly some parents behaved last year.


aries moon said...

Why give extremists like the New Black Panther Party (which is really an insignificant group) a platform to express their nonsensical views? Trayvon's family don't want anything to do with them--Anderson kept asking if they were inciting violence, well he could ask himself that as well because there was no reason whatsoever to give that group airtime--it's just pure sensationalism on 360's part. I hope all the facts come out and there's justice in this case, but I expect better from Anderson and his 360 team, not some embarrassing spectacle that would be more at home on Fox News.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Pemberly, I Agree that 3 nites is too many for 360 to keep showing the piece on the 911 tape. 360 has a history of taking things too far and constantly repeating segments.

The interview with the New Black Panther Party served no purpose. I question Anderson's judgment sometimes.