Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anderson Cooper AC360 Wednesday, 3/14/12

KEEPING THEM HONEST, CANDIDATES FUZZY MATH: Anderson Cooper and John King reporting
Follow up: Randy Evans, Sr. Adviser Gingrich campaign

MISSISSIPPI PARDON MESS: Anderson Cooper and Ed Lavandera reporting
Follow up with family members of the released prisoners victim's

SYRIA DEADLY CRACKDOWN: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up report by Al Jazeera correspondent Anita McNaught

MURDER OR SELF DEFENSE? David Mattingly reporting
Follow up: Sunny Hostin

THE RIDICULIST: The Encyclopedia


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aries moon said...

The Trayvon Martin story has been blowing up for a while--good to see 360 cover it--the 911 of the incident should shed more light on it, but I wish the shooter had been arrested.

Claire said...

This is why I no longer watch 360.

1. Gingrich is over, if you're going to cover delegate counts have someone who is relevant on to discuss.

2. Mississippi murderers. Really? This story is over 6 weeks old. Is anything new going to happen with it? No. Let it go.

3. Syria. I want to know the day's headlines about Syria. I do not want the same person on every night talking their opinions. It really doesn't matter, what matters is what if anything is being done to help these people. Tell me what's happened in the last 24-48 hrs there, and what we know is being done. That's it. I understand subjects like these are of particular interest to Anderson, but he's not doing the show for himself, or shouldn't be.

If I'm off on any topic covered last night, I apologize. As I said, I don't watch anymore. I turn to CNN several times during the hour hoping to find AC covering something I'm interested in, but rarely find it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Claire: Amen!
I second all three reasons and I don't watch 360 anymore either.