Thursday, March 01, 2012

Anderson: Life-Shattering Scams: Could It Happen to You?

TOPIC: Life Shattering Scams: Could It Happen To You?
Guests: *Kristy, Says she was tricked into giving up her baby; Says she was tricked into signing away her parental rights
*Patricia, Trusted daughter's boyfriend
*Sam Totaro, Kristy's Attorney (from audience)
*Jake, Son given up for adoption, without his consent
*Sunny Hostin, CNN Legal Analyst
*Wes Hutchins, Jake's Attorney (from audience)
*David Hardy, Utah Attorney, represents adoption agencies (from audience)
*Tracey, Victim of adoption scam
*Jeff, Victim of adoption scam
*Danise, Says a contractor scammed her out of nearly $50,000, Victim of consumer fraud
*Angie Hicks, Founder, "Angie's List"

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I think today's 'Anderson' would have been better if 3 of the 4 stories featured were not about adoption/kids. There are other scams that go on.