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'Anderson' Ratings News for Week Ended February 19th

For the week ended February 19, 2012 ~

From Broadcasting & Cable
Syndication Ratings: Mags Hit Season Highs in Wake of Houston's Death, Grammys
'ET' scores its best ratings in two years

In contrast, only one talk show hit a season high: CTD's The Doctors, which grew 6% in households to a 1.8, marking the second week in a row the show has hit a season high. The country's top doctor, CTD's Dr. Phil, led the talkers for the 17th time this season with a 3.4, dipping 3% from the prior week, but adding 10% from last year at this time.

Sony's Dr. Oz, in second place, declined 3% to a 3.0. Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly was flat at a 2.7. Warner Bros.' Ellen faded 4% to a 2.6. NBCU's Maury softened 4% to a 2.5. CTD's Rachael Rayremained at a 1.6, tying NBCU's Jerry Springer, which added 7%. NBCU's Steve Wilkos was flat at a 1.4. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams added 9% to a 1.2, while Sony's Nate Berkus was steady at a 1.1.

Among the rookies first-runs, Warner Bros.' Anderson was flat at a 1.5
All of the above are syndicated talk shows, to read the full article, please click on the link.

TV By The Numbers Top 25 Syndicated Shows for comparison

Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Wheel of Fortune' Edges 'Big Bang,' 'Judge Judy' for Top Honors; 'Entertainment Tonight' Gets Whitney Houston Boost
Please click on link for list.

TV by the numbers also posted an article explaining "What's a TV Rating", if you are confused or interested, please click on link.

The New York Post, Starr Report included the following in his Starr Report TV Blog on February 27th ~

Anderson Cooper’s “Anderson” has retained its mantle as the season’s top-rated syndicated freshman talk show. Its numbers have grown exponentially since its premiere last fall and, in the most recent syndicated ratings period, “Anderson” averaged nearly 2.1 million viewers and performed strongly in its core demo (women 25-54) – nothing to sneeze at.

“I think we’ve found what works,” says Terence Noonan, “Anderson’s” executive producer, who also launched “Dr. Oz” into syndicated orbit. “We’ve found that keeping the show topical and fresh [has helped the numbers] and we’ve had some amazing bookings, from Madonna to Janet Jackson to Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. The show has really become a go-to destination for A-list celebrities.”

Noonan says the biggest change in the show’s format, since its launch last fall, was making “Anderson” a multi-topic show. “It’s hard to get the numbers to move, but our staff has done an amazing job, along with Anderson, in moving the needle. To move the show this far, in this short amount of time, is unprecedented.

“We’re a show that can deliver on a range of emotions, and I think that’s what people are looking for in daytime.”

Whatever they’re doing, it’s working.

“Anderson,” by the way, will move to Ch. 5 (from Ch. 11) in the fall.

And this in his blog March 1st ~

I've spilled a lot of cyberink here about the ratings success of Anderson Cooper's talk show, "Anderson," which is the season's top-rated freshman syndicated daytime show.

Over on the broadcast side, let's not forget the ratings inroads made by ABC's "The Chew," which premiered last October, replacing "All My Children." Thus far, "The Chew" is averaging nearly 2.3 million viewers as the top-rated new daytime talk show. The show, hosted by Mario Batali, Daphne Oz, Carla Hall, Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly, had a particularly strong showing for the week of Feb. 20, pulling in nearly 2.5 million viewers (a five-week high) and beating its predecessor, "All My Children," in women 18-34 (from the same week in 2011).

We thought now would be a good time to look at the ratings for 'Anderson' week by week. The following numbers are from the weekly postings from Broadcasting & Cable. Please click on chart to enlarge ~

'Anderson' premiered on September 12th and many other talkers didn't begin their new season until September 19th. Ratings for the first two week's were described as ~

Week of 9/18 1.5
First-run's most highly anticipated newcomer, Warner Bros.' Anderson, had its first week of national ratings reprocessed by Nielsen. In the metered markets, however, Anderson improved 25% over its premiere week to a 1.5 rating/4 share in week two for its primary runs.

Week of 9/12 1.3
Warner Bros.' Anderson, after one week on the air, improved 36% to a 1.5/4 all-telecast weighted metered market average on Monday, Sept. 19, compared to its 1.1/3 all-telecast first week average.

Looking at the above, based on the rating shares, I'm not seeing how the show has "grown exponentially since it's premiere. It seems that there were a couple low weeks with a 1.2 share and one week with a season high 1.6 share. Mostly the shares have bounced around in the 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 share range.... If someone can explain how this is "growing exponentially" I'm all ears! Maybe I don't understand the ratings lingo?.....

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Anonymous said...

The TVNewser article had Wolf and John King doing the super Tuesday show from 8 - 9. No Anderson?

Anonymous said...

Very true.
This taker has NOT grown and will lose once the other talkers get started like Ricki Lake and Katie Couric.
Whoever wrote this stuff is the same person writing how CNN is gaining ground when we all know that it's the worst cabler around.
Show us WHEN Anderson was ever 2 million and I'd really love to meet those people even for a silly second.