Friday, March 16, 2012

Anderson: Where Are They Now? John Ramsey 15 Years after Daughter JonBenet's Death

TOPIC: JonBenet's Father
Guests:*John Ramsey, Father of JonBenet Ramsey, Author of "The Other Side of Suffering"
*Elizabeth Watkins, Recently cleared in death of son (from audience)

TOPIC: Mom Challenges Sperm Banks
Guests:*Rebecca and Tyler Blackwell, Discovered that her donor had a rare genetic heart condition
*Stewart and Rebeca Price, Used the same sperm donor as Rebecca Blackwell (via satellite from Santa Fe, NM)
*Joanne Fowler, Staff Editor at People Magazine (from audience)
*Amber Taylor, Chief Council For Regulatory Affairs at Cause of Action
*Melissa Brisman, Reproductive Lawyer

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

What is with Anderson's obsession with sperm donors? Its ridiculous, he's done like 3 or for shows on this topic and none of them are interesting.

I also don't understand why the talk show keeps putting together unrelated topics. It seems like they are very disorganzied.

Anonymous said...

OT a bit - OWN cancels Rosie after changing EPs and moving to smaller studio studio to cut costs among other things. Sound familiar.