Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Series 3/4/12

Anderson Cooper co-hosted Live with Regis and Kelly again on March 12, 2010.

First up was Host Chat which touched on American Idol, Paula Abdul, karaoke, Lady Gaga, again with the dancing, diving with sharks and grey haired men.

Spring Fling Trivia A Go-Go:

Ted Danson was today's first guest. He tried to get Anderson to dance! Here's part one of his interview with Anderson and Kelly.

And here's part two of Danson's interview.

Guy Feiri was the next guest and he's promoting a new show. This part included Anderson and Kelly competing in a "Do it in a minute" challenge!

And part 2 with Fieri included another challenge.

And today's Live's Fitness Friday segment.

Quite possibly the funniest part didn't make it on TV, but was in today's Bonus Inbox! Watch to see what led to the above moment!

And a few miscellaneous caps from this morning's R&K!

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

If Anderson wants to know why his dayfest is a failure, he should look at himself trying to catch cookies falling into his mouth.
Is he for real?
Is this the same journalist we all admired just 6 years ago?
Is this what he has become...a cookie dropper?
Don't blame this on fame. Some people can handle fame and know how to deal with it.
Obviously Anderson can't.
He went from a legitimate, credible journalist that lectured college students on the art of journalism to a, "jerk," and I don't apologize for this adjective
because so few really take him seriously any more.
What a waste.

Anonymous said...

I guess this person is really crazy. Anderson can do whatever he wants. Anderson didnt let fame to go to his, he was born rich and famous.