Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/3/12

Before we get to Tuesday's AC360 here are a few Anderson Cooper news items we were sent today:

The Hillman Foundation's Hillman Prize in Broadcast Journalism:

"Crime After Crime,"Yoav Potash,The Oprah Winfrey Network
Honorable Mention: Anderson Cooper, "Sissy Boy Experiments," CNN

AC was named a celebrity judge, along with Harvey Weinstein and Lee Hirsch, for The Great American Challenge No Bullying Video Awards to be held in San Francisco on July 21st. This information available online at The Bully Police Squad.

Wolf Blitzer anchored both hours of Republican Primary for AC360 on Tuesday night.
Tom Foreman was in for John King at the magic wall
Gloria Borger and David Gergen were the CNN analysts for the evening
Donna Brazille represented the Dems and Ari Fleischer the Reps.
Candy Crowley was at Romney Headquarters
Joe Johns was at Santorum Headquarters
Ed Lavendara and Chad Myers covered the tornadoes in Texas
360 News & Business Bulletin: Susan Hendricks

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aries moon said...

Nice to see that Anderson will be coming out to the Bay Area for an event--the only other time I'm aware of him ever being in SF was when he taped 360 there several years back.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Harvey Weinstein, a real heavy weight, no pun intended.
Maybe Anderson can persuade Weinstein into a movie deal.
After all, didn't he try acting and modeling before reporting?
Yes, he certainly has followed his passions....all of them and now he's a talk show host and tomorrow,
he'll be a fireman because after all, he does live in a renovated fire house.