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Anderson Ratings News for Week Ending April 15, 2012

Ratings for week ended April 15th

From Broadcasting & Cable ~

Syndication Ratings: Syndies Rebound After April Starts Out Slow
Top talkers all see improvements in week ended April 15

Ratings for most syndicated shows were on the rise in the week ended April 15, as holidays, vacations and spring breaks came to a close and regular schedules resumed.

CBS Television Distribution's Dr. Phil rebounded 11% for the week to a 3.0 live plus same day national household rating, the show's best performance since the February sweep, and also improved 15% from last year. That put Dr. Phil firmly back on top of the talk pack, leading the genre for the 24th time this season.

In fact, the top six talkers all were up for the week. Disney-ABC's Live! With Kelly gained 8% to a 2.6 for second place, tying Sony's Dr. Oz ,which also added 8% to a 2.6. NBCUniversal's Maury tacked on 10% to a 2.3. Warner Bros.' Ellen added 5% to a 2.2. CTD's The Doctors improved 7% to a 1.6. CTD's Rachael Ray remained at a 1.5. NBCU's Jerry Springer sank 7% to a 1.3. NBCU's Steve Wilkos rose 9% to a 1.2. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams weakened 9% to a 1.0, while Sony's Nate Berkus was flat at a 0.9.

Warner Bros.' rookie talker, Anderson, saw a big bump for the week, improving 17% week to week to a 1.4 live plus same day household rating. Anderson also improved 33% among women 25-54 to a 0.8.

Note: While the 17% improvement sounds like a "big bump" the previous week's 1.2 rating matched "Anderson's" lowest rating since the talk show began. This week's 1.4 rating is pretty much where the ratings have been hovering and down from the 1.5 rating for February sweeps. Please click on link for the full article.

For comparison, from TV By The Numbers, Top 25 Syndicated Shows for week ending April 15th ~

Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' Wins Again, 'Dr. Phil' Still Beating 'Dr. Oz'

'Anderson' episodes for the week ending April 15th ~

Monday, April 9: Hypnotism to Lose Weight. Plus, Outrageous Ways to Save Money
Tuesday, April 10: 'DWTS' Castoff Jack Wagner & His Newly Discovered Daughter, Plus Extreme Pet Owners
Wednesday, April 11: Simple Steps to Change a Habit & Facebook Changed My Life
Thursday, April 12: 'American Idol,' & Obsessed with Lifelike Baby Dolls. Plus, Edie Falco.
Friday, April 13: My Husband Is a Murderer. Plus, How to Spot a Liar

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Anonymous said...

If Anderson is not in the top 25 syndicated shows, and some of them are as low as 3 million, he should be canceled.
He is simply filling air time.
The same people who wathed him day one are watching him now and he has the exact same audience at 1.4
Personally I'd like to meet those 1.4 million and ask them: "Don't you have anything else to fill up your day?
It's one thing to spend time with a top rated program because others do as well, so you are in good company.
But to fill your afternoon with absolute nonsense should be on the ridiculist. In fact his whole show should be on his list and he should be ashamed of himself for stooping to the lowest common denominator of subject matter.
That's why viewers are so fed up with him.
Anything to keep himself in the limelite, anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:08 PM - I won't debate you about the quality of 'Anderson' but will contend that low ratings don't always mean low quality. There are some excellent shows that never get high ratings.

Shows like 'New Amsterdam' (I think I was the only one who watched this, it was on years ago for eight episodes, was up against some stupid blockbuster show), or 'Andy Richter Controls the Universe' (very funny and creative and loved by a small devoted crowd) or the original 'Star Trek' (taken off the air because its low ratings couldn't recoup high production costs).

So low ratings doesn't automatically equal a low quality show. However, I won't argue with you about topics like 'coupons' or 'alien abductions' or interviews with big stars interrupted by silly games.