Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 5/2/12

KEEPING THEM HONEST, FAMU HAZING CHARGES: Anderson Cooper and Randi Kaye reporting
Interview with Pam Champion, mother of victim Robert Champion & family lawyer Christopher Chestnut
Digging Deeper with Jeffrey Toobin

FORMER NFL LINEBACKER JUNIOR SEAU DEAD: Anderson Cooper and Paul Vercammen reporting
Digging Deeper with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

360 WORLD VIEW, CHEN SEEKING U.S. ASYLUM: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up with Jill Dougherty and Stan Grant

Follow up with Jeffrey Toobin and Rev. Dr. Cindi Love

THE RIDICULIST: Burning Questions


AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

There was a good variety of stories especially when compared to Tuesday's show. I was a bit surprised the report about the hazing death was first; the story about the Chinese dissident was much more prominant on other CNN shows.

The story about the pastor advocating punishment for children who appear gay or lesbian was not surprising. He probably apologized only because he was reported and the news got attention beyond the community.

I totally agree with The Ridiculist. That woman was scary looking. She went on 'The Today Show' looking like that. Her lawyer must have made her wear lighter make-up for the appearnce at the courthouse. The little girl is adorable and a redhead and redheads should never tan. How ironic that a woman who loves tanning that much to have a redhead daughter. Let's just call the woman Ms. Melanoma.

Some shows Anderson seems detached but on Wednesday he appeared much more with it, keenly involved in each story and every interview.


Anonymous said...

I try to tune in to AC 360 because I actually do like the format and it's on after I get home from work but lately I've just been catching the ridiculist. Today however I watched most of it and I liked the keeping them honest segment about the pastor's sermon.

But most of all the people that run this blog are great. I love Anderson even if I'm fed up with most of his work lately but if I miss something I always come here. Please keep up the good work and don't let the negative comments keep you down.

Anonymous said...

All in all I thought tonight's AC360 was pretty good. I enjoyed Jeff Toobin's explanation of why the charges are what they are in the hazing case and Sanjay's take on the Junios Seau's apparent suicide.

I found the Chen/asylum story interesting mostly b/c China blacked out CNN when the report hit the air and how this will affect Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit/business in China.

The pastor's outrage was not surprising, but the follow up with Toobin and Rev. Love was interesting. There's going to be a lot of push back from the Right any time gay marriage/civil unions comes up for a vote in an election year. The Republicans always hope to gain votes with topics like gay marriage, abortion, etc. to distract from their tax cuts for the rich economic policies.

I, also, enjoyed Tuesday night's AC360 and CNN's special coverage of President Obama's visit to Afghanistan. I thought they did a good job of explaining the many facets of the visit and I always enjoy Peter Bergen and Christiane Amanpour sitting down with Anderson. An intelligent discussion always ensues. This agreement with Afghanistan has implications for the US and us all, I think it's an important story and was glad to see the extended coverage. We need that sometimes as a reminder of why we should care.

While I'm not happy with much of the direction of AC360 and CNN as a whole lately, the last two nights of AC360 seem to be an improvement. Let's hope this continues.


Anonymous said...

Kelly Ripa was quoted as saying that her husband will not co-host with her in order to "save their marriage."
Who knew their marriage needed to be saved if they worked together.
One thing is certain.
Josh Groban is in the running for co-host though I doubt if Disney will choose him.
Too talented.
You really need someone who lacks personality like Anderson and a total inability to host, as he has proven so adeptly.