Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anderson Cooper, 60 Minutes, Final Resting Place

Anderson Cooper on assignment for 60 Minutes ~

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Should you buy a plot ahead of time?

Keeping cemeteries honest

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't buy any plot! My hope is that I would disappear and never be found, like taken by a tornado or twister...

Anonymous said...

This was an interesting story, I remember when it hit the news originally and it was terrible then. I can remember as as kid my family always having a graveside service no matter what the season so they could watch the casket be lowered into the ground.

AC did a great job, and to his naysayers he CAN do more than puff pieces, so be quiet.

Anonymous said...

@7:46PM: No one ever said he couldn't do pieces of substance.
What was said was that he DIDN'T do them and preferred to interview
celebrities after saying that "he really had nothing to talk to celebs about." A complete 360, if you will.
This was one of the first important pieces of work for 60 Minutes that AC has contributed in a very very long time.
What he didn't emphasize however, is that more and more people of all faiths are being cremated because it is cheaper, especially those who have given up on spirituality and know before hand that funerals are a lucrative business.
It is no secret to educated people, that dying is a very profitable business.
I guess AC's just run plum out of celebs for the moment.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, Anderson got a 336 in totals, and only 80,000 in his demographic on Friday.
But never fear.
I bet 60 Minutes was in the top ten this week because as Anderson likes to say, it's a show "OLD PEOPLE," like to watch.
And yes, he has said the words "old people" several times in his phrasing.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this segment. I live in the Chicago area and watched the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal play out on local television and in the Chicago Tribune. There's a lot more to the story than what was included in the 60 Minutes segment, but then the angle was on lack of cemetery regulation in general.

Not sure why people keep saying Anderson only does fluff pieces on 60Minutes. His first report this year was on the living Reef off of Cuba, then there was Adele, Michael Phelps is a sports figure and then his story - an investigative report. Remember Mike Wallace interviewed Barbara Streisand - and he stole that interview, to boot. Do you consider Mike Wallace a fluff reporter?

@Anon 11:00pm - perhaps you didn't read the recent article on 60 Minutes - their demographic is trending younger which is against the trend for news programs.

Anonymous said...

"And yes, he has said the words 'old people' several times in his phrasing."

Nothing wrong with the term "old people". I'm one of them & much prefer it to "elderly" (which sounds prissy) or "senior citizen" (which sounds patronizing). The worst is "senior" as a noun -- "our seniors deserve better!", etc. -- which sounds like high school & makes me wonder "what about our sophomores?".

Old Person

Anonymous said...

The word OLD is derogatory and most Seniors, myself included, would rather be referred to as Senior or Senior citizen.
Yes, elderly, is even worse than OLD, but might I point out that a person of Anderson's breeding, and background, should know better than to refer to anyone as OLD.
And if you prefer to be labeled as "old" than YOU are a "rare old bird, indeed."
Our entire society is based on youth, especially Anderson's demographics, which have been lower than low, must be "them old folks," who think they're young.