Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Thursday, May 17, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, NEW DETAILS IN THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE, Surveillance video, photos and autopsy report released: Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up with Martin Savidge

BREAKING NEWS, NEW PHOTOS OF ZIMMERMAN'S INJURIES, Released by State of Florida: Anderson's follow with Sunny Hostin, Mark Geragos and Larry Koblinsky, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

BREAKING NEWS, MARTIN ATTORNEYS,"DISTORTED VIEW OF EVIDENCE", Calls it "selective leaking of information: Anderson with Daryl Parks, Attorney for Trayvon Martin's family

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Vets Charity Rip-Off?: Report by Anderson Cooper

VET'S CHARITY RIP-OFF?: Report by Drew Griffin

VETERANS CHARITY UNDER SCRUTINY, Out of 1.8 million non-profits, IRS audits 8,000: Anderson's follow with Drew Griffin and Ken Berger, President & CEO, Charity Navigator

THE (W)RIGHT ATTACK PLAN: A report by Anderson Cooper

WRONG TO RAISE WRIGHT?, Attack ad would have linked him to (President) Obama: Anderson's follow up with Cornell Belcher and Alex Castellanos


THE RIDICULIST: Paleness Haters

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aries moon said...

The Veteran's charity scandal seems to have really gotten under Anderson's skin, but that's perfectly understandable.