Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Thursday, May 31, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, EDWARDS ACQUITTAL ON ONE COUNT, MISTRIAL ON OTHERS, Admits "sins" as he walks free from corruption trial: Report by Anderson Cooper

BREAKING NEWS, EDWARDS ACQUITTAL ON ONE COUNT, MISTRIAL ON OTHERS, Fmr. pres.candidate, "No one else is responsible for my sins": Anderson's follow up with Joe Johns, Mark Geragos, Jeff Toobin and Diane Dimond

BROKEN RECORDS?: A report by Anderson Cooper
ROMNEY'S MASSACHUSETTS RECORD, (President) Obama team: He's running from it, not on it: Anderson's follow up with Gov. Deval Patrick, (D) Massachusetts
REVERSAL ON ROMNEY, Gingrich embraces former primary season rival: Anderson's follow up with Newt Gingrich (R) Former House Speaker

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SYRIA'S DEADLY LIES, HOUDA MASACURE: Report by Anderson Cooper "Before I go on I want to say that because we have been covering this story night after night we realize that is can be numbing. That it may be tempting to turn away and decide you've heard enough. And I know it sounds the same every day, but that is the horror of what has happened. It is the same every single day. Today the same slaughter, the same broken bodies of children, the same screaming mothers and fathers, the same lies by a regime which has shown itself more than willing to kill it's own people day after day. It is the same every day and that is the true horror of it..."

SYRIAN ATTACK, Shelling in town of Qusayr: Anderson's follow up with Robert King, War photographer in Al-Qusayr, Syria

DANGER IN THE WATER: A report by Anderson Cooper
SEAWORLD TRAINERS NEED PROTECTION FROM KILLER WHALES, Judge's ruling may change park's most famous attraction: Anderson's follow up with Jack Hanna and David Kirby, Author, "Death at SeaWorld"

THE RIDICULIST: Do-It-Yourself Drive-Thru

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Anonymous said...

I liked the segment about the John Edwards trial. It's great that Edwards stated he's taking full responsibility, that counts for something. Toobin said it was a "marginal case" and Geragos said the charges were "ridiculous" - the trial nevertheless had plenty of media attention.

Why would there be any question about scrutinizing Romney's record as Governor of Massachusetts? Of course it's going to be looked at, it should be looked at with the proverbial fine tooth comb.

I could have thrown a shoe at Gingrich for endorsing Romney now. As if anyone is going to take that seriously. Gingrich must be hoping for a cushy appointment if Romney wins.

I didn't like Anderson, near the start of the Syria segment, state "the world is turning away" from the government massacres there. No we're not. It's horrible what's going on in Syria but so far no one has come up with a sane plan on how to help. Yes, something SHOULD be done, it's a matter of if something CAN be done.

I was hoping the Shot or the Ridiculist or there would be some mention of the Spokane banker who saved the ducks. Not bucks, ducks. Quack quack. Don't know if I can post a link here but you can go to Youtube and find the video "Banker Saves a Dozen Ducklings from a Ledge." It's cute.


Anonymous said...

Okay, after a little more research I found out the duck news is about a month old. Never mind.