Monday, May 28, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Anderson: Co-Host Monday with Carrie Ann Inaba / Sharon Osbourne / Fitness Trainer Deliberately Gains Nearly 100 Lbs.

Carrie Ann Inaba was Anderson's Co-Host for the day ~

TOPIC: Co-Host Monday

TOPIC: Sharon Osbourne

TOPIC: Anderson's Viewers Got Talent

TOPIC: From Fit To Fat

TOPIC: Co-Host Monday, Favorite Things

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aries moon said...

I don't watch Dancing With The Stars so I wasn't familiar with Carrie Ann Inaba, but she did a nice job co-hosting with AC and has a pleasant personality.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Ann knows a good thing when she's got it.
Dancing has made her both rich and famous.
She would never leave that for Anderson. Never.
Anderson on the other hand could learn a few things from her about how to host a show.
She has skill and expertise that Anderson will never know.
Carrie Ann is a class act.
Now there's someone who actually deserves a nomination, in every category.