Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Anderson: Kevin Costner / I Married Myself

TOPIC/Guest: Kevin Costner

TOPIC: I Married Myself
Guests: *Nadine, Married to herself
*Desiree, Married to herself (from audience)
*Terri, Relationship expert (from audience)

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's show was weird. That woman who married herself is strange. They really need better topics. I doubt anyone cares about nutty women who marry themselves.

Anonymous said...

I loved the interview with Kevin Costner and was happy Anderson gave him a significant amount of the show. IMO he should have been the whole show as the segment on the woman who married herself was a little over the top and of no interest to me.

Kevin has always been one of my favorite actors and I was surprised to hear him say that the favorite movie he's done was "For Love Of The Game" - it's my favorite, too - though the competition is steep.

It's a good story with flawed characters in a baseball setting with a good love story added. Not sure if Kevin explained why to the studio audience and that was edited out or the interview took a different turn, but I do know that in the beginning of that movie - there is home movie footage of a young boy playing baseball and that is Kevin -- his personal home movies. Then there is a point in the movie where his character looks into the stands and sees his mom and dad sitting there -- those are Kevin's real parents.

Kevin is always very down to Earth in interviews and I wish there had been more time with him. Kevin pauses when he speaks and I think sometimes Anderson would jump in instead of letting Kevin share more. Maybe he can come back next season.


Anonymous said...

Agree Wonz I loved the interview with Kevin, my favorite movie is Bull Durham. If AC ever does have him on again maybe they can discuss his idea for cleaning the oil from the Gulf that he ha proposed.

Can't and won't comment about what came next on the show since I had turned it off after Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Costner is a pompous a-- and is known in Holywood as a "trouble maker," during filming projects.
This is one reason, besides the fact that he's getting older, that he isn't getting quality projects any more.
Personally I liked him in JFK, but that's me.
Wonz, It was unclear who you hoped would be back next season...Anderson or Costner or both.
Unfortunately, Anderson will have another season. Maybe there will be a reality check this time.