Saturday, May 05, 2012

Anderson Cooper on The Late Show With David Letterman, May 4, 2012

Anderson was a guest of Dave Letterman's on The Late Show Friday night. Anderson and Dave discussed a wide range of topics, from the woman with the scary tan to Anderson's upcoming 60 Minutes piece on Michael Phelps which will air this Sunday.

From The Late Show Facebook page ~

Anderson arrives at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Thursday, to tape his appearance on Friday night's The Late Show With David Letterman.

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aries moon said...

I loved David Letterman's comments about President Obama/Osama Bin Laden and conservative criticism over the video that the administration put out - it was a little dig at AC and other reporters who made so much out of it. I do think Letterman enjoys having AC on the show from time to time and he may be aware of 360's ratings problems because he always asks AC how's everything going with the show.

Anonymous said...

Remind me not to watch 60 Minutes.
Another fluff piece by Anderson.
All he does fluff and this too, has an effect I why viewers are sick to death of watching him
on CNN.
It all adds up and don't get me started on the women's issues.

Anonymous said...

After dissing women the entire week he has the nerve to show up on
David Letterman.
This woman is not watching him on 60 Minutes, CNN, or his dayshow.
When I say boycott, I mean boycott.

Em said...

Thanks for the clip, not much time to catch up with Anderson the last year but I enjoyed this interviewed. He seemed more like the pre-daytime Anderson.

Anonymous said...

@Em I agree. I really enjoyed Anderson's appearance on Letterman and his discussion with Dave.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:55 and @Anon 10:00 - If you don't like Anderson and you don't watch anything he does, why do you come to ATA?

If you watch his program(s) and have constructive criticism to offer, I understand, but when you don't even watch, why come to this site? I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:25 and why do you only criticize and nothing else. At least everyone else offers positive or negative comments on the show, you - not so much.

I do watch 360 and Anderson, when I have time and am somewhat disappointed in the show, but I just turn off the TV and read a book.

swmpratt said...

This probably comes from watching too much of Once Upon a Time but I thought the lady looked like she was Pinocchio's sister and was turning back to wood. So, she got a little more tan than planned on - who cares?


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong in offering constructive criticism and why assume that this is only one person who is critical.
Just look at the ratings folks.
Obviously there's a big let down here for some of AC's former fans!
Get real. He's a major disappointment to some people and they have a right to express their opinion any way they can.

Anonymous said...

This is what I'm certain about.
No matter how bad someone gets, He will always have a following.
It does not help the situation when people say I don't like this "but", I watched it anyway.
Why waste time watching something something you know is inferior and the person you once admired has become so lame?
I'm totally convinced that anyone of us, with twitter, could easily have a following from FaceBook and be a total waste of time as a host, and still have a following.
Anyone of us and we'd do it better.

Anonymous said...

Finally got to watch the clip of Anderson on The Late Show. I liked Dave's introduction by Dave, "Here's a guy who knows everything that's going on..."

And I lIked Dave pointing out that Obama's commercial about Osama bin Laden's death wasn't as bad as Bush's "Mission Accomplished" banner. I didn't like Kathy Griffin getting into the conversation, wish Dave didn't mention her.

Em! Great to see you back here! Write in even if you don't see Anderson as much as you used to. I've seen very little of Anderson's daytime show but still comment on it anyway. So watching isn't a requirement.

To everyone who comments who don't watch Anderson at all I have to say you gotta watch at least 360 every once in a while. Maybe you'll see something that changes your mind and even if you don't you'll keep your negative views more up-to-date.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jaanza.
It is nice to know that there is at least one person who is objective.
Objectivity is what brings positive results.
Not an "Oh well, that's the way it is, attitude, like it or not, at least it's him."
No. Not watching or watching partially we'll get results that count because what really matters, are RATINGS.
Even Time Warnner doesn't want to be called out in major publications.