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Anderson Cooper, Anderson Ratings For The Week Ended May 20th

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Syndication Ratings: Syndies Wilt in Warm Spring Temps
'Judy,' 'Phil,' down and flat, respectively, but still lead court, talk genres

A sunny spring in most of the country kept syndie ratings depressed in the week ended May 20, even though the May sweep -- full of original episodes and plenty of promotion -- remained in full swing.

CBS Television Distribution's Judge Judy topped syndication for the fourth week in a row, even though the show dipped 3% to a 6.9 live plus same day national household rating.

Among the talk shows, CTD's Dr. Phil topped talk for the 29th time this season, holding steady at a 3.2. Sony Pictures Television's Dr. Oz and NBCUniversal's Maury tied for second place among households, but Oz fell to third place among viewers. Maury improved 9% to a 2.5, while Oz fell 4% to a 2.5. Warner Bros.' Ellen was flat at a fourth-place 2.4, followed by Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly, which remained at its season-low 2.3 for the fourth time in five weeks.

CTD's The Doctors followed at an unchanged 1.5. CTD's Rachael Ray retreated 7% to a 1.4, tying NBCU's Jerry Springer, which also lost 7%, and NBCU's Steve Wilkos, which added 8%. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams and the already-canceled Nate Berkus remained at a 1.1 and 1.0, respectively.

Warner Bros.' Anderson was the top first-run rookie at a 1.3, down 7% from the prior week.
Debmar-Mercury's Jeremy Kyle rebounded 20% -- or one-tenth of a ratings point -- to a 0.6, while Entertainment Studios' We the People was flat at a 0.4.

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'Anderson' episodes for the week ending May 20th ~

Monday, May 14: Co-Host Monday with Niecy Nash / Plus, Andy Cohen, Rosie Perez
Tuesday, May 15: Jennifer Connelly / A Phobia Is Ruining My Life / Anderson's Spelling Bee
Wednesday, May 16: 'Jeopardy!' / Debt Collector Nightmares / Top 10 Ways to Avoid ID Scams
Thursday, May 17: Bridezilla Intervention with Kim Zolciak / Tennis Champion Serena Williams
Friday, May 18: Caught on Tape: Using Electric Shock to Control Students -- The Controversial School / Suzanne Somers

Summertime and the living is easy, at least for the ATA Team! We are switching over to our summer light schedule beginning tomorrow. We'll be publishing one post per day until 'Anderson' resumes in the Fall. Any extras we come across will be included at the end of our daily AC360 post along with The Ridiculist, The Shot and Beat 360. On Saturday we will give you the schedule for what 'Anderson' repeats are airing in the coming week and on Sunday we will continue with our newest series on Planet in Peril. If there are any major announcements during the day we will do a special edition post.
Happy summer everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Is it common for talk shows to air repeats all summer long? Do summer ratings just not matter in the talk show business?

I sort of remember Oprah taking summers off but think that was only in her last few seasons after she was well established. Although it's understandable that Anderson and his daytime staff want to take it easy during the summer, that can't be a good idea for a new talk show.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:53 it seems everyone goes on hiatus for the summer, but some talk shows do have additional new shows saved to intermingle with the repeats. At least we know that AC's shows are repeats unlike a talk show I happened upon the other day and thought it was a new episode and as I watched the credits turns out it was 2 years old.

Remember Anderson has 2 conventions to deal with this summer and though I hate to say it something news worthy always seems to happen during the summer - 6 weeks in the Middle East and then Katrina - plus stories for 60 Minutes, so AC does have a busy summer ahead.

Anonymous said...

What symantics "Warner Bros. top run rookie down 7% at 1.3."
Pleaze, just who is the someone who writes this garbage?
The same someone who writes the CNN press releases.
At least next fall they can't keep calling Anderson a "rookie."
Or better yet, when does he start not being a rookie and becomes a "grown-up?"