Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper at the Daytime Emmys & On Mondays With Marlo

Yesterday Anderson was busy with the Daytime Emmys Show:

Anderson at rehearsal on Saturday morning ~

Anderson returned later to walk the red carpet, where he met Susan Lucci ~

Before stopping to be interviewed by AJ Hammer on Showbiz Tonight ~

Backstage, Anderson met up with Jack Hanna and an alligator which would make an appearance on stage ~

And then it was time for Anderson to open the show ~

Anderson then introduced the first presenters for the evening ~

And took a seat in the audience to enjoy the rest of the show ~

While neither 'Anderson' or Anderson won in their nominated categories, Anderson did tweet out Congratulations to the winners and appreciation for the producers and staff of 'Anderson' for their hard work ~

And less than an hour after the Daytime Emmys ended ~

Godspeed on your journey Anderson, we look forward to your 60Minutes story ~

And earlier this week ~

Before heading to LA, Anderson dropped by the Huffington Post offices on Monday and sat down with Marlo Thomas, to answer viewer submitted questions, as part of her Mondays with Marlo program ~

Blogger's Note: Our Planet In Peril Series will return once Anderson is back from his 60Minutes shoot and anchoring AC360. Stay tuned....

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only part of the Emmy's I saw was the beginning of it. The only reason I watched it to see Oscar The Grouch. I liked seeing Anderson and Oscar together.

Anonymous said...

Anderson NEVER should have been nominated in the first place.
He's still flying high on what he did in the past. Not what he's doing in the present which is absolutley nothing.
He has managed to become a manufactured personality rather than a well respected journalist and no, you can't be both.