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Anderson Cooper, Friday, June 15, 2012

AC360 RAW POLITICS: Paul Begala, Ana Navarro and Alice Stewart

SANDUSKY DEFENSE: PERSONALITY DISORDER: Discussion with Mary Ellen O'Toole and Mark Geragos (by phone)

EGYPT, REVOLUTION INTERRUPTED: Anderson Cooper reporting
EGYPT'S PRESIDENTIAL RUNOFF: Ben Wedeman and David Kirkpatrick (by phone)


Follow up with Jeffrey Toobin




Anderson ratings for May Sweeps ~
From Broadcasting & Cable

'Phil' Tops Talkers In First 'Oprah'-Less May in Over Quarter-Century
'Judge Judy' tops all syndicated shows; 'Big Bang' makes a noise in rookie sweep

Dr. Phil was easily the top talk show in the May sweep (April 26-May 23), the first May ratings period in 26 years without Oprah Winfrey. Judge Judy was the top court show by a mile and the top syndicated show in May overall, followed by newcomer Big Bang Theory and game show powerhouse Wheel of Fortune.

Entertainment Tonight continued its magazine dominance,
while Anderson was the rookie sweeps champ.

Phil led talkers by 19%, averaging 569,000 more viewers per show than his closest talk competitor, Dr. Oz. Phil scored a 3.1 average national Nielsen rating for the sweep, on par with his May 2011 delivery.

Year-to-year comparisons for some daytime shows may be somewhat skewed since preemptions for news coverage of Osama Bin Laden's death during the May 2011 sweep would have depressed the year-ago ratings for some but not all shows.

Dr. Oz was a distant second among talkers with a 2.6 average, which was up 18% from last May. Maury's rating increased 4% to a 2.4, tying Ellen, which was up 20% to a 2.4. Live! with Kelly lost 4% to a 2.3, while The Doctors, Rachael Ray, Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, and Wendy Williams all held steady at 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, and 1.1.

Anderson was first-run syndication's rookie champ in the sweep, up 27% from its September debut to a 1.4 average, more than doubling the rating of any other newcomer.

Blogger's note: For some perspective, as percentages can be misleading, Anderson premiered at a 1.1 share in September, had a November sweeps average of 1.4, a February sweeps average of 1.5, and now a May sweeps average of 1.4


And this photo of Anderson from an earlier appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, was new to us ~

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Anonymous said...

OK. This is double talk.
Anderson's primered at 1.4 and now it is still l.4.
In the blogger's note Anderson supposedly primered at l.1 and then hopped over to l.4.
In actuality, the show gained nothing. Zero.
The week his mother was on and aired first, he jumped to l.4 and stayed there.
All this is is PR written by his staff, anyone at Warner Bros. duh?
Those that watched him, will continue, though I've no idea why.

Anonymous said...

360 was okay Friday night. Regarding Obama changing immigration policy and the Republican congressmen who are mad about that - several places on the internet pointed out that Bush made changes in a similar manner but where was the outrage then?

While some people think this is all about getting the Latino vote, here in Minnesota the biggest immigration/minority group are southeast Asians; but I guess nationally they're not a big enough group.

Personally I agree with giving citizenship to immigrants who serve in the U.S. military; if they're willing to fight for us, make them legal.

The Sandusky lawyers using "personality disorder" as a defense just seems like a lame, almost-giving-up excuse; like 'yeah, maybe he did all those bad things but he has a personality disorder.'

I totally agree with Jeffrey Toobin about the Texan who killed his daughter's molester, there's no way a grand jury will indict him.

'Foul-Mouthed Punks' should indeed be ridiculed in the Ridiculist but here I was hoping Andrew Dice Clay was gone and forgotten but no, not only is he back, people are actually paying attention to him.

Thanks for posting the article about the daytime show ratings. Wonder what they'll be like in May 2013. Will Anderson hold steady? Will Katie Couric be on top? Will i have watched a 'Dr. Phil' show by that time?


aries moon said...

Was it really necessary to have two Republicans on with Paul Begala to talk about immigration? Are their opinions on it more important than anyone else's? You rarely, if ever, see a 360 panel with two Democrats and one conservative.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the verb "primered", so whatever point Anon 11:26pm may be making eludes me.

Anonymous said...

@8:27AM: Are you familiar with the word commenced. If not it means to begin with and since you prefer to be snide, I shall continue.
My point was, and I did make it, he gained not one viewer and it is all PR or BS. Are you familiar with those letters or abbreviations
or does this "ellude" you as well?
And just for the record, they're adverbs...something which describes the verb you're not familiar with.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Wendy Williams is doing better than Anderson.
It must be his lead in.

Anonymous said...

Next year do ya think he'll still be described as a "rookie?"
And who is it that decided to call his show alone, a "rookie?"
And what does rookie mean exactly?
Newcomer, so we shall forever give AC a pass no matter what his rating