Friday, June 08, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Friday, June 8, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, JUSTICE DEPT. TO INVESTIGATE POSS. LEAKS, Two U.S. Attorneys assigned: Report by Anderson Cooper
BREAKING NEWS, JUSTICE DEPT. TO INVESTIGATE POSS. LEAKS, Atty. Gen., Leaks "will not be tolerated": Anderson discusses with Jessica Yellin

KEEPING THEM HONEST, "FINE" OR "NOT FINE?": Report by Anderson Cooper
OBAMA: "PRIVATE SECTOR'S DOING FINE", Romney Says No Need for More teachers, fire fighters: Anderson's follow up with Jessica Yellin, Paul Begala & Ari Fleischer

EXCLUSIVE, FIGHTING TO SAVE THE WOUNDED, Many victims in Syria are children: Video report by Robert King
EYEWITNESS TO MASSACRE IN SYRIA, King, "I've seen children... directly targeted by snipers": Anderson's interview with Robert King, War Photographer

CAUGHT ON TAPE, "STOP...OR I WILL SHOOT YOU!": Report by Anderson Cooper
TEXAS STAND YOUR GROUND CASE, Man claims he shot and killed neighbor in self-defense: Report by Randi Kaye
TEXAS STAND YOUR GROUND CASE, Toobin, Similarities between TX case and Trayvon Martin case: Anderson's follow up discussion with Jeff Toobin

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks




From the 'Anderson' Backstage blog ~

For Anderson’s birthday, the show sent him a year-supply of ice cream from his favorite West Village ice cream shop called
Cones. Wonder if he served some up to the AC360 staff with that giant cake of his bust?

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aries moon said...

Of course AC360 chose to omit the part of President Obama's remarks on the alleged leaks where he says he finds the accusation leveled at the WH (mainly by McCain) deeply offensive. The DOJ investigation should sort it all out, but Valerie Plame, anyone?

Jessica Yellin's overall tone when talking about the Obama Administration was typical of most of CNN, one of disdain and cynicism instead of objectivity, but she did sort of hit back at one of Ari's inane, inaccurate statements. Amazing how Romney's out there lying about Obama (claiming there was no jobs bill and how the president's supposed to be deliberately slowing down the economy's recovery) making big gaffes and borderline nutty statements on a daily basis but AC360 doesn't feel the need to amplify them or examine closely the way they do the President's occasional missteps. Romney's getting a pass by much of the media, there was a study out recently that proved it.

The Texas Stand Your Ground report was nuts, the guy obviously staged the entire incident to work in his favor in something went wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what was going on Thursday night when he didn't realize that he was live on the air and think it is fine he put himself on the ridiculist, but I am sorry I don't think he should have use the taizer piece with Rick Sanchez while he is trying to keep that school who is using taizers honest.


Thank you