Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Thursday, June 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, ATTORNEYS, SANDUSKY'S ADOPTED SON SAYS HE'S ALSO A VICTIM, Matt Sandusky was prepared to testify for the prosecution: Anderson Cooper, Jason Carroll and Sara Ganim reporting & Anderson's follow up discussion with Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin

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ZIMMERMAN IN HIS OWN WORDS, Reenacted Trayvon Martin shooting the day after for police: Report by Anderson Cooper
ZIMMERMAN IN HIS OWN WORDS, Zimmerman, "I thought my head was going to explode": Anderson's follow up discussion with Mark Garegos and Sunny Hostin

GRANDMOTHER BULLIED ON SCHOOL BUS, Video shows student's jeers, pokes, profanity: Report by Randi Kaye
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Anderson was tweeting from backstage before the taping of "Kathy" Wednesday night ~

Backstage at @kathygriffin's show. They have roasted seaweed snacks. Is this a joke?

.@kathygriffin visiting me backstage at #KATHY. Is she in a hospital gown?

Kathy tweeted this photo this morning ~

And Bravo posted this preview ~

Kathy and Anderson Cooper
No matter where Anderson Cooper goes, he'll never escape Kathy Griffin and her 'mole' question.


Terence, EP of 'Anderson', tweeted the following photograph from a breakfast meeting today ~


Anderson on "Kathy" ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Kathy's show is completely unwatchable and seemed much longer than an hour. It wasn't funny it was just stupid. Anderson was the only normal one on there and the only one who wasn't obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should not admit it, but I actually enjoyed the show! I really like Anderson and Kathy together - they are so funny.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Acanderfan, Kathy was totally unwatchable! I think she tries WAY too hard to be funny and outrageous with all of the cursing and talking sexual. Once or twice it may be funny but when it's all the time it just gets obnoxious!

And I also thought that Kathy was really being a smart a** bit** to Anderson a lot of the time. Then to soften the blow and so he wouldn't get made she would throw him a compliment. I couldn't understand why she would treat him that way if she is supposedly his friend. I didn't like that at all!

All in all I was just bored most of the time. I can now see why her show is the lowest in TV ratings on Bravo. This show won't last.

Anonymous said...

Kathy makes a fool of Anderson, and worse yet he lets her, his ego is just out of control.

Autumn said...

Kathy and Anderson are hilarious together. I don't understand all y'all getting upset because she ~made a fool of him~

Chill out. That's how I treat my best friends. Stop hating on Kathy Griffin, yo.

aries moon said...

I'm with anon 7:10 am, I thought the show was very funny, but I like Kathy Griffin and most here do not--I did notice a lot of positive comments about AC and Kathy on Twitter after it aired, so it wasn't necessarily hated by all and others seemed to like it as well. Anderson was loose and blunt and sarcastic and taken aback by Kathy's humor all at the same time--I'm not sure how long her show's going to last, but I hope he can make another appearance some day.

Anonymous said...

According to TVByTheNumbers Kathy had very bad ratings last night even with Anderson on the show.

She only had 636,000 total viewers and a .3 in demo. Out of the top 100 spots hers rated at 93.

Even Cooper can't help this failing show. Not many people watched it at all. Didn't think they would.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Kathy Griffin fan, but I did watch last night and laughed a lot. I found the show enjoyable and Anderson was obviously able to handle himself and seemed to enjoy it. A fun hour, but I won't tune in again, unless Anderson makes a repeat appearance.

Anonymous said...

Her show was having problems before AC ever showed up but so what, it was still funny for those of us who like them both.

Anonymous said...

I am all for Anderson having fun and letting his hair down, but I just think him being on that show last night and the way Kathy acted was degrading to Anderson. To me it makes it hard to take him as a serious newsman.


Thank you

Anonymous said...

I still take him seriously as a newsman, he's earned it and still is earning it now. An appearance on his friend's show, someone he really likes, changes nothing for me. JMO

Anonymous said...

I watched the first clip, won't watch the rest. While some people find Kathy Griffin funny (and you're certainly entitled to your opinion), I don't get her humor. Her attitude towards Anderson makes me uncomfortable.

Anderson knew full well what was in store for him before he agreed to be on Kathy's show. If he enjoyed his time there, good for him. However, it's not worth my time to watch it.


Good for Anderson! said...

I don't understand all of the comments that you can't take Anderson seriously as a newsman because of appearances like this. I am a doctor, and I teach residents on a daily basis. The residents also see me out in social situations having a good time and not always being serious, being goofy and being a regular person with my non-doctor friends. Does that make them see me as less of a serious doctor? Abosolutely not! People can be seen as serious in their careers and also be allowed to have fun in their lives as well! If you can't see Anderson as a serious newsman because he has a good time hanging out with Kathy Griffin and enjoys himself a little while he is NOT being a newsman, then personally, I find that a little sad! I am glad to know that Anderson is not always the super-serious person that he appears to be on's not healthy to be so serious 24/7!