Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper Tuesday 6/19/12

8:00 PM HOUR

PRES. OBAMA SPEAKS AT G-20 SUMMIT: The first 15 minutes of AC360 were preempted by CNN's airing of President Obama's speech which was followed up by a discussion with Ari Fleischer, Paul Begala, Ali Velshi, Jill Dougherty and John King

BREAKING NEWS, CONFLICTING REPORTS ON MUBARAK'S HEALTH: Ben Wedeman, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Fouad Ajami speak with Anderson about the confusion surrounding the breaking news

CRIME & PUNISHMENT, SANDUSKY ON TRAIL: Anderson Cooper and Jason Carroll reporting
SANDUSKY'S FRIEND SPEAKS OUT: Anderson speaks with Joyce Porter


10:00 PM HOUR

AC360 had some new segments for the 10PM hour:

PRES. OBAMA SPEAKS TO THE G-20 SUMMIT: A continuation of the discussion from the 8PM hour with Ari Fleischer, Paul Begala, Ali Velshi, Jill Dougherty and John King

Repeat of the segment of Hosni Mubarak news from the 8PM hour

COLORADO WILDFIRES: Chad Myers reporting

SANDUSKY SEX ABUSE TRAIL: Repeat of the 8PM report then a discussion with Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos

THE SHOT: Mr. Rodgers



If 360 looked a little different tonight you were paying attention. Anderson flew to California today and tonight's AC360 originated from the CNN Los Angeles studios. He's got a full schedule for the next few days in California.

Tomorrow he's scheduled to tape an appearance on Kathy Griffin's talk show. The show will air on Thursday night on Bravo.

On Thursday Anderson is scheduled to tape an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel that will air Thursday evening on ABC.

On Saturday night Mr. Cooper is a presenter on the Daytime Emmys airing live on HLN at 8PM. His talk show is also nominated for an award.

If you miss any of these guest appearances we'll have it covered for you here on ATA.

We can't say for sure whether Anderson will be back anchoring from NYC next week or off to the wilds of Africa for 60 Minutes. If you missed his mention of the trip to California and Africa it's in his weekly video sent out by the talk show. Here's the clip:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

The political discussion was expected but still there were too many pundits; I wish Anderson would talk to fewer of them and get more in-depth with each.

The best part of the show was Anderson's interview with Sandusky family friend Joyce Porter; wow, talk about blindly defending your pals. It was funny and sad at the same time how Porter evaded the question on whether the victims were lying and her equating Sandusky showering/soaping up one lone boy in the showers late at night with many women of different ages showering together at the Y. I want to see her on 360 again after Sandusky is convicted.

Thanks for posting the Shot and the Ridiculist, who knew that eating meat would lead to so many problems?


aries moon said...

Ali Velshi really laid out Ari Fleischer during the 8 pm broadcast, I guess Ari's not used to being challenged and confronted with facts, but Ali wasn't having any of Ari's lies about austerity and the stimulus and where this country would be if the President hadn't taken the action he did. I don't know why they decided to re-do the segment live at 10 pm, but I guess CNN can't have their precious Ari looking like the liar/fool he actually is. 360 needs more truth tellers like Ali to counter non-stop talking point peddler Ari Fleischer.

Joyce Porter sounded nuts--no sane person would dismiss Sandusky's behavior so casually and as one of the lawyer's said, she might want to talk to her OWN kid considering how much time he spent with Sandusky.

Fun AC/Isha interaction during The Shot and I loved the odd Mike Tyson turning vegan Ridiculist.