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Next Week on Anderson 6/4/12

Monday, June 4
THE VOICE’s Adam Levine and Trapped in The Wrong Body – I’m Not Paralyzed
Three-time GRAMMY®-winner and the lead singer of Maroon 5 Adam Levine, and coach on CTV’s THE VOICE joins ANDERSON to discuss his TV fame and the real backstage antics that go on at THE VOICE. Also, meet a woman who believes that she is trapped in the wrong body and thinks she should be paralyzed. As a result, this woman who has fully functioning legs, lives her life in a wheel chair and has been exploring ways to become permanently paralyzed by severing her spinal cord. A medical expert is on hand to help ANDERSON determine if this is at true neurological disorder or a desperate plea for attention.

Tuesday, June 5
Life Shattering Scams: Could it Happen to you?
ANDERSON speaks with one woman, Kathy Gaffney, fighting to reign custody for her child after being duped online by a married man into signing away the rights to her daughter. Gaffney, who only sees her daughter once a week, tells ANDERSON how she was scammed into signing the adoption papers and where her case stands today. Then, ANDERSON speaks with a heartbroken couple who fell prey to an adoption scam, as well as a young father who was cheated out of paternity rights under a controversial state law. Plus, ANDERSON helps one viewer who claims her contractor stole over $50,000 from her.

Wednesday, June 6
Outrageous Ways to Save Money and Hypnotism to Lose Weight
World-renowned hypnotist, Paul McKenna believes that simple mind tricks can ward off cravings and keep you from overeating. ANDERSON puts Paul's theory to the test and challenges him to hypnotize members of the studio audience. Then, a financial expert breaks down money saving myths and gives you the best ways to really save. Plus, from living in a 200 square foot home to not spending a dime for an entire month, see families who are going to outrageous ways to build their bank accounts.

Thursday, June 7
The cast of MTV’s TEEN MOM and The Real Face of Teen Pregnancy. Plus, ‘What Would You Do?’ with John Quinones
The stars of MTV’s hit show TEEN MOM sit down with ANDERSON to discuss their take on the tabloids and the truth about what they’ve given up to become mothers. Plus, the number one thing parents can do to prevent teen pregnancy. Then, Emmy® Award-winning and ABC co-anchor John Quinones helps answer “What Would You Do?” with a riveting social experiment. Plus, EXTRA’s Mario Lopez joins ANDERSON’s panel to discuss the latest entertainment headlines.

Friday, June 8
Joan and Melissa Rivers and My Mom’s a Hoarder
E!’s outrageous mother and daughter comedy team, Joan (FASHION POLICE, Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on E!) and Melissa Rivers, dish to ANDERSON on everything from Melissa’s public breakup to Joan hitting up a tattoo parlor in her 70’s. Nothing is off limits in this no-holds bar interview. Then, Maria and her family are in the studio with ANDERSON to get to the root of her obsessive hoarding, while ANDERSON’s cameras are live inside her home to reveal the true depth of Maria’s destructive behavior.

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Anonymous said...

Not much to say about most of these topics but I have a question - hasn't the 'pretending to be paralyzed' woman been on before? I have a vague memory of her popping up on the show a while back.


Phebe said...

@Jaanza, I'm pretty sure Anderson is in reruns until after Labor Day. Some of the topics didn't seem familiar to me but most did.