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Planet In Peril - Cambodia

Last Sunday we left off with Anderson arriving in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; with the team and all 25 bags arriving safely ~

Segment One of the Cambodia section of Planet In Peril involved Anderson and Jeff on patrol with a group in search of poachers ~

From Thursday, March 22, 2007 ~

Elephant tosses colleague like ragdoll
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- Let me just start out by saying Jeff Corwin, the wildlife biologist who is part of our "Planet in Peril" series, is ok. But there were a few moments earlier today when I wasn't so sure. You'll see the video tonight, but basically, an elephant grabbed hold of Jeff's arm with his mouth and tossed him like a ragdoll. Jeff had warned me that while elephants can be very playful, they don't know their own strength. He was certainly right about that.

Here's what happened: We were helping some handlers bathe the elephants at Cambodia's Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center, when one of the elephants slowly got hold of Jeff's arm. I say slowly, but it also happened really fast. I know it's a contradiction, but once you see the video, you'll understand.

We thought Jeff's arm was broken at first, but once we were out of the water it became clear that it had just been badly twisted and was deeply bruised. Jeff was able to continue working, which I found kind of amazing, and afterwards we stopped off at a clinic so a doctor could check out his arm. It's now in a sling.

Other than that disturbing event, it was actually a pretty good day. I got to help Jeff bag some pythons, we hung out with some bears, and I got up close and personal with an elephant's trunk. All the animals at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center are victims of the illegal animal trade or habitat loss. If it wasn't for the center and conservationists from the Wildlife Alliance, these animals would all likely be dead.

When we arrived at the center, veterinarians were just about to sedate a young elephant whose foot was ripped off trying to escape a poachers' snare. It was very sad to see this little orphan elephant missing one of its feet. His name is Chook, and he's only been at the center for about two weeks. He is still badly malnourished and the wound is still being treated. Despite the best efforts of the Wildlife Alliance folks, he may not survive.

Tonight on the program, we'll show you all of this, as well as continue our reporting on the trafficking of women and children into prostitution in Cambodia. Dan Rivers reported last night on the program about the large number of child abuses cases here, and tonight he has a story about a little girl who has been through an unimaginable nightmare in Cambodia's child prostitution industry.

We'll also bring you the latest on Elizabeth Edwards condition and her husband's decision to continue his presidential campaign. It's going to be a really interesting program, and I hope you are able to watch.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 5:56 PM ET

Segment Two of the Cambodia section of Planet In Peril recapped the poacher tracking and showed Anderson and Jeff at Cambodia's Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center ~

As Anderson stated in his blog post they hung out with bears at the wildlife center ~

And Anderson got to help Jeff bag some pythons ~

On that Thursday's AC360 with JR anchoring from NYC and Anderson in Phnom Pehn, they shared the following bit of video from Anderson's own encounter with an elephant ~

Until next week....

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The music used in that 18 second clip of the elephant playing with Anderson needs to be brought back to the show. 360ยบ no longer uses music, except the sound effects swoosh of the shows logo.