Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 2 - 6/26/12

We're still digging out from underneath the massive pile of clutter. Here are a few more photos, can you tell us what you remember about them.

AC360 Transcript

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Very nice pics. I have always liked the 3rd one. The 5th one is really nice too.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Photos of Anderson when he still had some brown hair! Thanks a bunch! I actually have a clue on some of them.

The first photo I believe is from Vanity Fair sometime in 1994 or 1995; it was a photo series of about ten young Vanderbilts.

The second photo I remember from an array of photos Mom Gloria brought with her to the early morning ABC news show Anderson worked at. First Gloria sang while one of Anderson's co-workeers, a short guy, played the accordian. Then they looked through old photos and the one of Anderson bending to pick up his camera was, as Anderson said, from Los Angeles.

Is the third one from Anderson's college days? VERY brown hair.

The fifth might be from "The Mole" years.

Great photos! Looking forward to tomorrow's.

Is anyone watching Soledad O'Brien at 360? I watched some today but find her kind of boring.


Phebe said...

Here's what I remember about the photos. The first one was from a book where decedents of famous people posed in period clothes, settings, etc. It may have been published in Vanity Fair as Jaanza suggested, I'm not sure.

If you enlarge the second picture it says (Action), On Assignment: Anderson Cooper and gives a rundown of what designers (Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein & Timberland) made his clothes in the photo. I’m guessing it was for a magazine but that’s strictly a guess.

I thought the third photo was from one of his early apartments in NYC. What’s interesting is even then he collected primitive art.

The fourth pictures was from when he was covering the vigil for Terry Schiavo in Florida.

I have no idea about the 5th picture. I think the sixth one is from a magazine article that showed him with his half brother Stan and his nephew Miles. I think this photo was taken in Stan’s LI home.

The last picture is a screencap from an assignment that Aaron Brown sent Anderson on. Memory fails me again but it was something to do with fishing.

If you have a better recollection that I please feel free to correct me.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, the fifth picture is from a New York Magazine article promoting The Mole. I have a copy of the article and cap says the location is Hogs & Heifers Saloon.