Friday, July 20, 2012

Anderson Cooper Anchors AC360 from Colorado Tonight

Anderson Cooper will anchor his program live tonight from Colorado at 8pm ET.

Don Lemon
will anchor at 7pm ET live from Colorado -- filling in for Erin Burnett on assignment in Africa.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for those people in Colorado. I am glad to see that Anderson still cares enough to go cover the story live. I wonder though if he was taping his daytime show if this would have happened.

Anonymous said...

6:21PM: "Anderson still cares," and you wonder if he was taping his day show if he'd go?
Now that in itself is telling.
Is HE a newsman still, or isn't HE?
And yet there are those who question his integrity and they SHOULD.
He has given us all enough reason.