Monday, July 30, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Monday 7/30/12

Follow up with Dana Bash and by phone John Esposito, Georgetown professor

360 RAW POLITICS, ROMNEY OVERSEAS: Anderson Cooper reporting
ROMNEY'S OVESEAS GAFFS: Cornell Belcher and Ari Fleischer

D.V.N.F. UNDER INVESTIGATION: Anderson and Drew Griffin reporting

BATTLE FOR ALEPPO: Anderson Cooper reporting with an interview by Barbara Starr
CAPTURED IN SYRIA: Anderson interviews Jeroen Oerlemans by Skype



THE RIDICULIST: Whatever This Is


Studio Q posted a recent interview with Anderson's mom Gloria Vanderbilt.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was OK tonite. I liked the piece about the DVNF. They are ridiculous. They look like idiots resorting to twitter to attack Anderson/AC360. LOVED The RidicuList, very funny.

Anonymous said...

I thought the segment on Romney's gaffes should have been first (if was first on Blitzer's 6pm hour). Romney's foreign policy and how well he gets along with other countries is important and this is new stuff.

The only new element in the Bachmann & the others "muslim infiltration" babble was Gingrich defending it. There was a pretty good panel discussion. However when Anderson asked Dana Bash if Bachmann & the others were doing this to play to their base, I wish Bash had said something specific about MN's 6th District instead of talking about generalities and reactions on Capitol Hill.

The segment about Disabled Vets Nat. Foundation was good, Anderson and Drew Griffin effectively shot down DVNF's pathetic defense of itself.

Anderson had good interviews about Syria with Ivan Watson and John Oerlemans. Just wish the director/graphics-headline person had put Oerlemans' name in a big headline on screen instead of always in small print in the sub-headline. They finally did for a second or two when the interview was almost over. A small detail but it irked me.

Also irksome - Anderson previewing an upcoming story about a black couple not allowed to marry in their church. He did that twice. It turned out to be the second story in the Bulletin and only a few sentences. 360 has been doing this for years and it still bothers me.


Anonymous said...

Aside from the story order being screwy and the misleading "coming up" stories (both were a short mention in the bulletin), I thought 360 was pretty good. I really enjoyed the Syria segments with Ivan and Oerlemans.

The segment I was most disappointed in was the political discussion on Romney's gaffes. Ari Fleischer just rambles on and Anderson lets him, never holding him accountable for what he says. But I was most disappointed in Anderson's final comment to Cornell Belcher about needing to read something besides the Huffington Post regarding the "gaffe after gaffe" statement by Belcher. I loved that Belcher fired back that he read it in the Washington Post, but Anderson pretty much had cut him off by that point. I'm thinking Anderson is the one that had his head buried in the sand this weekend concerning the press coverage of Romney's "world tour" -

I know Anderson said what he did in a joking manner, but I found it quite unprofessional for an anchor that claims he doesn't take sides.


aries moon said...

Romney's gaffe fest tour was a complete embarrassment and was documented extensively, not just in HuffPo as Anderson well knows. It may be AC/CNNs intent to always overlook Romney's major failings and clear ineptitude as a presidential candidate but the rest of the world sees him differently. I still don't get why Ari Fleischer's held in such high regard by AC360 that he's allowed to spout out talking points and questionable statements non-stop without a challenge from AC--isn't it Anderson's job to keep HIM honest too?

Anonymous said...

If everyone is so upset about Anderson's lack of accountability when it comes to Romney, they'd stop watching 360, as I have.
He is obviously NOT the same person he was and he never will be.
HE is the disappointment, not Ari Fleischer.
This is not the first time Anderson has allowed him to ramble on and everyone comes to his defense, saying, oh it is managements fault.
NO...he's the anchor with his name on the DOOR FOLKS.
That's why his ratings are so low!
He lacks total credibility. Period.