Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair for a pre-recorded edition of AC360~

KEEPING THEM HONEST, CHARITY SCAM?: A report by Anderson Cooper
CHARITY SCAM? ‘Baghdad Pups’ under scrutiny: Report by Drew Griffin

BREAKING NEWS, SEN. GRASSLEY QUESTIONS TOYOTA ACCELERATION PROBE, Calls NHTSA investigation “too narrow”: Anderson & Drew Griffin reporting

THE BAIN GAME: Report by Anderson Cooper
THE PAIN OF BAIN, Romney facing new questions about his exit: Anderson’s follow up with John King & David Gergen

JESSE JACKSON JR. BATTLING MOOD DISORDER, Doctor: Congressman receiving “intensive medical treatment”: Anderson and Dr. Drew discuss

SCATHING REPORT BLASTS PENN STATE OFFICIALS, Freeh: Univ. leaders failed to protect Sandusky’s victims: Anderson’s follow up with Justine Andronici, Attorney for several Sandusky victims & Jeff Toobin



AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

The NYPost is reporting that Anderson Cooper could have switched places with Scott Paley on CBS because one is unionized, and one isn't.
Well just for the record, Scott Paley makes LESS than the wonderful, adorable, Anderson Cooper.
Cooper makes at least 10 million, yes folks count it, a year, to read the teleprompter and not leave his chair except to cross the street to his talkfest.
So the switch, if ever there is one, will NEVER happen because Mr.Cooper is just toooo expensive for any other network to hire and HE COMES with very very LOW RATINGS.
What a buy!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was OK. That Terri Crisp is ridiculous. If she's as innocent as she claims you'd think she'd take advantage of the camera being there to tell her side of the story.

Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good 360 on Thursday with a nice variety of stories. I didn't even notice that it was pre-recorded.

It was odd to start with the Int'l SPCA/Baghdad Pups scam; the "interview" with Terri Crisp didn't really amount to much but the doggie she was holding was a real cutie. It was interesting that California barred her from charity work after her Katrina pets charity Noah's Wish was exposed as a scam.

When you do a Google search for International SPCA their own website comes up first (still in business and asking for donations), then a link to Charity Watch and then a link to CNN. Hopefully enough people will get the message that Crisp and any organization she's involved with does not deserve any donations.

I should be glad 360 is taking a critical look at Romney's background but I'm so burned out on politics right now.

I should be burned out on the Sandusky story but am still stunned how far-reaching and how many people covered up and looked the other way regarding Sandusky's pedophilia. Just a few days ago Penn State reported they received a record amount of donations, that could be a good story in inself.

That picture of Nicholas Cage in the Ridiculist was scary. Donald Trump you expect to look a little creepy but not Cage.


sandyeggo said...

Noah's Wish is not a Katrina charity. They repond all over the USA. I volunteered with them when they responded to the firestorm in San Diego. They were amazing in their professionalism. Crisp was an individual who took advantage of their organization and its vollunteers and donors.

sandyeggo said...

Crisp is a crook who took advantage of an organization. Noah's Wish operates all over the US. I volunteered with them when they reponded to the wildfire/ firestorm in San Diego. They were amazing in their professioalism and care.

Anonymous said...

Re the first comment (by Anon 12:02am):

1/ This statement makes no sense -- "The NYPost is reporting that Anderson Cooper could have switched places with Scott Paley on CBS because one is unionized, and one isn't." -- & that is not what the NY Post story says. Even that rag deserves to be fairly represented, so maybe the article should be read in full:

2/ The CBS Evening News anchor is named Scott Pelley. There was a Mr. Paley at CBS once -- William S. Paley, who created the network -- but he died.

3/ Don't know whether the rest of the comment is equally inaccurate in its reference to salaries, but it sure is hateful.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why it was pre-taped? I'm guessing he had a speaking engagement, but couldn't find anything listed.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for misspelling Scott Pelley's name.
YOU knew exactly who I was referring to and the article was in the print edition and appeared under the listing of Bloomberg News, if you are at all familiar with the NYPost and its printed edition, which it appears that you are not.
And the piece said exactly what was stated.
Sorry if you are unable to comprehend simple info, but be that as it may, I will repeat what was said.
YOU DO REMEMBER that Mr.PELLEY who is very much alive, is on 60 Minutes, has gray hair, is handsome, and does the evening news for CBS.
I don't mind constructive criticism, but I am the messenger, the NYPost is read by millions in NYC....the city across the Hudson.
And the salary quote may in fact be slightly off. Cooper makes considerably MORE, ununionized....which means HE does not belong to a union...just so it is clear and precise and factual.