Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper Tuesday, 7/24/12

SILENCE = JOB SAFETY? John King, David Gergen and Gloria Borger discuss the politics of gun control

MASSACRE IN THEATER NINE: Anderson Cooper reporting
A 13 YEAR OLD'S COURAGE: Poppy Harlow reporting
A FATHER REMEMBERS HIS SON:Interview with victim Alex Sullivan's father Tom
SURVIVOR STORIES: Randi Kaye reporting
'MIRACLE' IN AURORA: Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting


FIGHT FOR SYRIA: Anderson Cooper, Ivan Watson and Alex Thomson reporting
INSIDE SYRIA: Anderson talks with Watson


THE RIDICULIST: The 3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse


An Anderson viewer asked Anderson, via Twitter, if he new the knew American Idol judge Mariah Carey. Here's AC's reply:


The University of North Carolina has a webpage where students doing internships can share their experiences. A student wrote about being a intern at AC360 this summer when Andrew Sullivan posted the news that AC was gay.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Being at AC360 when Anderson Cooper Came Out
I was checking my twitter timeline on the train to NYC when all of a sudden a Gawker tweet changed my whole day.

"Anderson Cooper is Gay Now" it said. At first I thought it was another rumor, after all, he'd never addressed his sexuality before. Then I read it-- an eloquent email from the man himself.

I was amazed! I understood his reluctance to address his sexuality because as a journalist objectivity is of the highest importance but I was proud. My boss was brave.

He wasn't in the office that day. Actually, he wouldn't be in for the rest of that week. He was in Botswana covering story for 60 Minutes. So I knew there was no chance we'd address his email on the show.

It was an interesting day at work that day. Mostly because I was shadowing our digital producer Ella who manages the show's web presence and I was on Twitter duty. By the show's 8 p.m. airtime, Anderson Cooper had been a trending topic for 10 hours.

The tweets ranged from support from celebrities, fans and show staff to tweets that insisted that the world already knew about his sexuality.

When AC came back. He came to the show's editorial meeting and asked the staff if they had any questions. None except from one of our senior producers. Would he address it on the show? He said no. He said he had said everything he had to say.

It was cool to see the public react to a message from someone I work with every day!
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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked tonite's 360, best one I've seen in a while. I don't like Randi Kaye but I did like her story about the survivors. Also really liked The Ridiculist.

Anonymous said...

Was it just me or did anyone else notice Anderson Cooper a bit ticked off at the start of the program at Erin Burnett for going over a minute and a half?

sandyeggo said...

maybe it was the horrific story about the bird. make any animal lover cringe.

aries moon said...

I missed the opening of the show, but I did think AC seemed somewhat irritated about something and I guess now I know why--these news programs are pretty strict about start/ending time--I'm surprised Burnett did that.

Anonymous said...

I thought interns weren't suppose to blog or write about what goes on at CNN?

Anonymous said...

Anderson may not know Mariah, but he and Erica did make fun of her on several occasions.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see 360 last night but if Erin Burnett went a minute and a half over Anderson has every right to be really ticked off. Live news shows are organized as close to the second as possible; two minutes and ten seconds for this guest, forty-five seconds for that topic, etc. Burnett didn't inconvenience Anderson but also anyone he was going to talk with live. A minute and a half is an incredibly long time for Burnett to mismanage and for Anderson to change his show to keep Piers Morgan on schedule.

I'm also very surprised by intern Andrew Sullivan's statement. Don't these people have to sign confidentiality agreements?


Anonymous said...

Erin Burnett going overboard reminded me of Lou Dobbs when he always did that to Campbell Brown. He was always over two minutes. Not sure if it was on purpose but she didn't seem to mind it.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it had nothing to do with Erin and you are all guessing.
Maybe it had to do with the rise of Piers Morgan's show being #1 on
CNN, according to TVN.....for once!
That too could have ticked him off, it should.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the TVN article about Piers being number one - they can't mean the month or else their daily postings have been wrong all along - Anderson/AC typically beats PMT in the demo.

PMT beat AC360 last Friday, but that was because the Aurora police did their press conference during his hour - so that was dumb luck, nothing to do with Piers. AC360 won Monday night at both 8 & 10 over Piers and Piers won Tuesday night - no ratings posted for last night yet - but AC360 beat Piers in the demo Monday thru Thursday last week and Monday night this week, so I'm not sure where TVN gets off making the statement they did in the article on Piers. Their own daily posts don't back up that statement.

Anonymous said...

Piers had another good show from London tonite and his guest was Mitt Romeny and his wife.
And he was very blunt with him about gun control and did not mince words the way Obama does.
I did not get the feeling that he was siding with Romney at all about second Amendment rights and the violence that is seen in the US.
He was very even handed in his interview and merely emphasized the fact that England has virtually no problem with assault weapons because THEY DON'T HAVE ANY.
A point well taken Piers.
And TVN, meant for the week Piers Morgan was #1...a very good sign indeed.
I can see why.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:55pm - Glad you are enjoying PMT - I won't watch. I've tried, but can't stomach the man and his "attitude". I don't want a Brit talking US politics, thank you and kissing up to/defending Republicans. His show is all Republicans - look at his line up this last week. And yes, there were tweets and articles about him defending Romney's mis-steps in London.

I take it you didn't hear the comments President Obama made about assault weapons in a speech this week? I'm sure Piers didn't cover it and CNN seemed to gloss over it overall as well, b/c they lean right these days.

As far as ratings - PMT may have edged out AC360 in total viewers for the week (I didn't check that number), but not in the all important demo and we all know what number the advertisers look at.