Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FAST & FURIOUS MISSTEPS, Justice Dept: GOP report engages in distortion: Anderson's interview with Jason Chaffetz, (R) Utah

ROMNEY PRESS SECRETARY, "KISS MY A**": Report by Anderson Cooper
ROMNEY AIDE TO REPORTERS, "KISS MY A**": Anderson's follow up with Jim Acosta
ROMNEY AIDE TO REPORTERS, "KISS MY A**", Media showdown follows tough week overseas for candidate: Anderson's follow up with James Carville & Mary Matalin

SYRIA POW CAMP: Report by Anderson Cooper
THE BATTLE FOR ALEPPO, Opposition, military fight for control of Syrian city: Ivan Watson's discussion with Anderson (Ivan is inside Syrai)

COLO. SHOOTING VICTIM DEFIES ODDS, Petra Anderson recovering from gunshot to brain: Report by David Mattingly
"MIRACLE" SURVIVAL FROM AURORA SHOOTING, Petra Anderson's remarkable recovery from head wound: Sanjay Gupta and Anderson discuss





From Broadcasting & Cable today ~

Exclusive: Warner Bros. to Overhaul Anderson Cooper Talk Show
'Anderson Live' will feature live format, daily cohosts, and more social media

By Paige Albiniak -- Broadcasting & Cable, 7/31/2012 4:46:18 PM

Headed into season two, Warner Bros.' Anderson is getting a makeover, including changing its name to Anderson Live and adding more live features to the show.

"Our biggest overall goal for Anderson Live is to take the best elements of daytime and put them in a show that works in 2012. Being live plays to Anderson's strengths, providing immediacy and topicality, which allows us to talk about what is going on in the world," said Terence Noonan, the show's executive producer. "Anderson Live is the show that makes you a little smarter, the one that you have fun watching, and at the end of each episode you can't wait to tune in the next day to see what's happening."

The show, which stars CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, will be renamed Anderson Live and it will be shot in front of a live studio audience, à la Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly, the show on which Cooper cut his talk teeth. Anderson Live also is moving from the Time Warner Center to a new permanent set at the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, which will have live capabilities that will allow the show to cover events while they are happening.

"Our basic issue with our old studio was that we didn't control that space," says Noonan. "It was a performance space; it wasn't an actual studio. We had to take everything down every night. We can take advantage of the technology at the CBS Broadcast Center because they already do live shows there, such as the CBS Morning Show and the CBS Evening News. We can control our space and make it our home."

As B&C previously reported, in season two, Anderson Live will feature different cohosts every day -- an experiment with which the show had good luck during the May sweeps. Naming a permanent cohost is still a possibility, said Noonan, but it's not as if the show is actively conducting a search.

"We've got a lot of fun, great things planned for the new season. I am really excited to be joined by daily cohosts and look forward to switching to a live format, which allows us more freedom to cover topical issues as well as connect more with the viewer at home," said Cooper in a statement.

Besides a variety of cohosts, Anderson Live is welcoming a new co-executive producer, with George Davilas joining the show. Davilas previously was senior supervising producer at CBS Television Distribution's The Doctors.

Celebrities already booked to appear this season include Richard Gere and the cast of the new movie Arbitrage, Emma Watson and the cast of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and TV stars such as Modern Family's Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, The Mindy Project's Mindy Kaling, Scandal's Kerry Washington and The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert.

Anderson Live also plans to boost its social-media efforts. The show's companion website, AndersonCooper.com, is launching several new initiatives, including Anderson's Summer Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge, a month-long photo sharing contest beginning Monday, Aug. 6, on Instagram where fans can post photos for a chance to win prizes; "Stump Anderson," in which fans are encouraged to send Cooper trivia questions that he'll attempt to answer during live webcasts; and "Anderson Seat Tweets," in which fans attending the show will send out live tweets as the show goes on.

TV affiliates that air Anderson Live will receive new promos announcing the changes to season two on Tuesday evening (July 31) that they can start airing on Wednesday, Aug. 1. Anderson Live will premiere season two on Monday, Sept. 10.

Anderson was last season's top-rated rookie, but both stations and Warner Bros. would like to see its ratings improved. Last week, Anderson averaged a 1.1 live plus same day national household rating, putting it at the low end of talk-show ranking

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Anonymous said...

"Anderson" was the top rated rookie.
Pleaze....at 1.1 he's the low rated rookie as they just acknowledged and he's no longer to be considered a rookie.
According to the above article Anderson is trying to follow Kelly with games and social media.
What he still doesn't "get" is viewers want LIVE phone chatter.
This was never mentioned.
Everything that Noonan spoke about has to do with the internet and even with Real Time With Bill Maher, only a few teckies actually inter-act after the show.
First AC wanted to be Phil Donahue, then he wanted to be his friend Andy Cohen, will never happen, and now he wants to brand himself as Kelly.
Why doesn't he just start being himself or is that just too boring?
I don't know anybody who watches his dayshow except my ninety year old neighbors and no, they don't have computers.

Anonymous said...

I came in late to the show, the "Fast & Furious segment was almost over. The segment about the Romney staffer's "Kiss my ass" to the media was pretty good; Jim Acosta did a great job explaining the reporters' side of the story. The panel with Mary Matalin and James Carville went pretty much as expected.

One note to Matalin: Your hair looks fine. You don't need to keep touching it.

One note to the Romney campaign: Reporters shourting questions to the candidate is business as usual. Get used to it. Perhaps Romney would prefer not to have the press around but look what happened to George Clooney in 1997.

After Princess Diana's car crash and death, Clooney blasted the press and blamed them. Shartly afterwards, atClooney's 'Batman' premiere, photographers refused to photograph him and some tabloids ignored him for a while. I believe Clooney later apologized.

If you run for President you have to deal with the media attention, good and bad in all of it's degrees.

Back to 360, the segment on Petra Anderson was the best of the show, great video piece about Petra and the family and follow-up with Sanjay Gupta.

I don't know what to think about "Anderson" and season two. As Anon 11:15pm stated, it looks like he's trying to make himself the *New & Improved Male Kelly Ripa'. Maybe he can do that in the short-term (occasional substituting for Regis) but it's going to be incredibly difficult to keep that up consistently in the long-term.

Also, in my TV market 'Anderson' season one was broadcast directly opposite "Live with Kelly'. Two similar shows, one with a better track record, competing for the same audience? It does not look good for Anderson.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell won't he just join Kelly Ripa? I don't get it! He is going to have a co-host everyday anyway. She really wants him to be her co-host and we all know he really gets along with her. Call it Anderson Live With Kelly.

Karen of Troy said...

@anonymous 1:55, Are you serious? He works for WB and Kelly's show is owned by Disney. Since he got his talk show how many times has he been on with Kelly? Zero. How many times has Kelly, Regis or Kelly's husband Mark been on Anderson? Zero. They are under contract with competing companies that don't just let you join the competition, no matter how well you get along.

And to anonymous 11:15, Please quit coming here to post your trash talk. It may be your opinion but do you really have to share it with AC fans night after night? If he's so boring why do you bother to watch or comment?

Anonymous said...

@Karen of Troy:
Are YOU serious with your "Are you serious?" question? How on earth was I supposed to know that? I didn't care enough to look in depth to what company his talk show is owned by. Also, naturally if he ended is talk show, he wouldn't be working for WB anymore so that would give him the opportunity to go with Kelly if he wanted to. He isn't stuck with them for life. Chill.

Anonymous said...

People are entitled to their opinions, and some of what 11:15 a.m. said is true. I became a fan of AC360 years ago, and before that watched Anderson on channel one. Always liked him best out in the field and when he wrote great articles. He is excellent as a field reporter and writer. As an anchor? No. As a talk show host? No. Like most human beings, Anderson was gifted with certain talents. I would hope he would use those talents and not try to be something he is not. Watched him on the daily talk show---and I turned it off. Watched him on AC 360 for years until it went south---I don't watch anymore, and won't unless he does what he does best, then I will watch and listen. I don't waste my time with folks who try to do something that they don't have the skill set to do. He isn't Kelly Ripa, he is Anderson Cooper, and that used to mean something. That is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

@1:30OM: A big thank you.
You are are objective and reasonable and right.
@Helen of Troy, I mean Karen, since when is giving your opinion, written quite well,I think, "trash talk,"or is your vocabulary that limited???
As an ex-fan I am entitled to give constructive criticism and if it was "trash talk," as you so ineptly put it, it would not be posted.
Hopefully someone connected with Anderson will read the comments here and perhaps reconsider some of the things he is doing because being a host of his own talk show has proven to be too much of a challenge for him, or they wouldn't be having co-hosts.
And since you seem to be semi-informed...you are right.
Disney owns Kelly's show and just listing her last, "Anderson Live With Kelly," would be quite upsetting to her.
She is the star. NOT HIM.
Disney never asked him to audition, his own words not mine, and they presumably, are very pleased with HER.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: In reference to the talk show, you are right as rain.
And in reference to Romney's actions to the press, yes, if you
run for the Presidency it is part of YOUR job to deal with the press.
If he thinks they're annoying now,
wait until he's President, or will he be another Nixon??
In that case we will have a really hungry press Corp and perhaps another resignation to look forward to.
John Kennedy, for those of us older than nine here, knew instinctively, to make the press his friend. The media loved him.
That was possibly the best thing he ever did, in hindsight.