Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Wednesday 7/25/12

BREAKING NEWS - SUSPECTED GUNMEN SENT PACKAGE TO UNIVERSITY, CBS, Letter wasn't discovered until Monday: Anderson Cooper reporting with John Miller, CBS This Morning Senior Correspondent & James Alan Fox, Professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University joined in for discussion

URGENT CALLS FOR HELP IN THEATER 9, What was is like for victims and first-responders: Report by Randi Kaye and follow up with Anderson

REMEMBERING REBECCA WINGO, Mother of two killed in theater massacre: Anderson's interview with Shirley Wygal, Rebecca's mom & Kate Wodhal, Rebecca's best friend

AURORA SURVIVORS FACING BIG BILLS: Report by Ed Lavandera and follow up with Anderson

KILLER WHALE ATTACK VIDEO RELEASED, Sea World Orca nearly killed experienced trainer in 2006 scare: Report by Tom Foreman
KILLER WHALE ATTACK VIDEO RELEASED, Orcas don't belong in captivity: Anderson's follow up interview with David Kirby, Author "Death At Sea World"

HOSPITAL WORKER MAY HAVE SPREAD HEP C, Lab technician allegedly stole patient drugs and left behind dirty needles: Anderson Cooper & Elizabeth Cohen reporting




From the 'Anderson' website

On the set of our Season 2 promo shoot, Anderson answered some questions submitted by fans on Twitter. @Lancmike tweeted, "Any previews for Season 2 of Anderson?"

Anderson replied, "Well, we have a lot of big changes. I think the biggest change is that we're going to be live. And I love the energy of live TV -- that anything can happen when you're live." See video below for Anderson's complete response

A couple of photos of Anderson reporting live from Aurora, CO on Monday night ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was OK tonite. The two pieces I liked the best were Elizabeth's Cohen's piece about the guy who spread hepatitis C to patients. Why was he allowed to work at hospitals in 8 states. That's ridiculous. Also like Ed Lavandera's piece. The Ridiculist was pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

So Erica Hill is being replaced on the CBS morning show. thought she had a promising career there but I guess that is the nature of TV.

Anonymous said...

When will Anderson Cooper, Randy Kaye, Don Lemon, Solided, Farid Zakaria, sanjay Gupta, kelly Ripa & Kathy griffin will get replaced? Remember Anderson Cooper also replaced actually a good person, he called his mentor one time...such a guy AC is w/ a lot of self-serving care for others...when will their day come BC what goes around comes around- No exception to this rule!

Anonymous said...

USA Today reported in todays's written edition, that being Gay is still viewed as 'unacceptable' in 29 States and that you can actually be fired by your employer.
While I'm not condoning this stance, the paper praised Sally Ride for keeping silent about her lesbian partner until her obituary appeared.
She rode the Challenger and chose not to reveal her sexuality until her death.
They commended her for using discretion. It is one thing for a public person to seek privacy. It is quite another for that same person to wear his sexuality as "badge of honor," especially if you are in the limelite, and maintaining a public persona.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:56 - Seriously? "It is quite another for that same person to wear his sexuality as "badge of honor," especially if you are in the limelite, and maintaining a public persona."

Are you saying Anderson wears his sexuality as a "badge of honor"? I have yet to see any evidence of that. He came out, made his statement and has remained mum on the topic since. He told his staff he has said all he has to say.

I view it as a societal change that the USA number is 29 and not 50. While I'm straight, I'm happy for my gay and lesbian friends and family who no longer feel threatened to have been "born that way."

I admire Anderson for the way he handled the question that has been dogging him for years by so many "inquiring minds" who felt it was their right to know. Here's hoping the media and those same people will leave him alone and alone him to have the private life he chooses to live.


Anonymous said...

Anderson has not stayed "mum" on his sexuality. It has been his main agenda on 360 everytime he spoke about bullying HE made IT a gay though only gays are discriminated and bullied.
And he repeatedly was seen in public only in the company of men and used Kelly Ripa's show to show how versatile he wasn't.
Those 29 states will be VERY slow to change. Some even fly the Confederate flag!
So while YOU may condone his "coming out," there are those, like myself, who think it was pure promotion...something he and Sullivan devised and gave long and clear thought to.
It just didn't happen.
His ratings are dismal and HE had nothing to lose.
Don't be naive.