Wednesday, July 04, 2012

From The Vault: Thrift Shop Masterpiece?

With Anderson away on a 60Minutes shoot, we dug back to the far reaches of the vault and found some of his previous 60Minutes stories. Tonight we bring you, Thrift Shop Masterpiece? the first aired May 6, 2007 ~

Synopsis: Teri Horton knew nothing about art when she bought a big, drippy painting for $5 years ago. But now she says a fingerprint proves it's a $50 million Jackson Pollock original.

Follow up: From what we could find, the controversy over whether Teri Horton’s painting is an authentic Jackson Pollock continues to this day. From the research we did it seems the painting is still for sale and Ms. Horton has turned down offers as high as $9 million, she’s asking $50 million. The art community continues to bicker over its authenticity with lawsuits being filed alleging reputations and credentials of various experts have been impugned.

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1 comment:

Teri said...

All the interviews I have done they were all fun. But I have to say that the interview with Anderson was GREAT fun....he was so KOOOOOOL. I am going to reveal
"behind the scene" incidents I have never made public....why I say
Anderson os so KOOOOL. At times during the interview I would call "time out" so we could have a drink of the Corona Beers we were drinking and I would tell Anderson an adult joke.....when the camera
started rolling again he would still be laughing, smiling, at the joke I just finished telling him.
We had great FUN....that interview will always be very special to me......Thanks Anderson
Cheers, Teri Horton