Saturday, July 14, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 7/16/12

Monday, July 16: 'Headline-Making Medical Mystery' & 'The Strangest Addictions Ever!'

Tuesday, July 17: Can Your Marriage Survive This Economy? Plus, Is Your House Making You Fat?

Wednesday, July 18: Medical Mysteries with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, & The Muppets, Miss Piggy

Thursday, July 19: Moms Behaving Badly

Friday, July 20: Julianne Moore, Animals with Jack Hanna, Plus, Bizarre Foods

Tickets are now available for tapings of the second season of Anderson.

Also Anderson Executive Producer Terence Noonan revealed some new information about changes for the program.

What can we expect to see in season two?
“We’re looking to build a show that plays into Anderson’s strengths. We want the show to be more topical, so we are going to go live four days a week. It’s going to be breaking news, trends, and bringing viewers the biggest celebrities and newsmakers.”

What will be different about the new season?
“The show will allow viewers to interact during the show: Skype, Twitter, text, email… I think the big thing that we’re working on is that we don’t want people to feel like they’re watching the show, we want them to feel like they were just part of one.”

Will there be a new co-host?
Every day Anderson will be joined by someone — whether it’s a big celebrity, newsmaker, someone in his real life — someone he can talk to about the day’s stories and what’s happening.”

How will the new set impact the show?
The new set is going to allow us more flexibility, it will be more intimate, and I think Anderson is really excited about having a studio that we can call our own. We’re designing a space that fits him, our show, and who he is.”

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Anonymous said...

Oh oh, it's the return of the 'Is Your House Making You Fat?" episode, forever seared in my mind as the worst and dumbest topic on "Anderson."

I don't like any of Terence Noonan's answers. "We're going to build a show that plays into Anderson's strengths." Why wasn't that done at the very start? With all of the changes proposed for season two - more topical, more flexibility, more interaction - all sound good but it makes you wonder why these things weren't in place for season one.

And Noonan sidesteps the question about the co-host. I'm not sure how an ever-changing "co-host" will help things; maybe it will work some days but the next day the new "co-host" might have zero chemistry with Anderson.

"Live" Anderson four days a week? That makes it harder for Anderson to be at big breaking stories and do field reporting. Ohio might have another disastrous Jonestown flood, it's not too far away but Anderson can't be there like all the other big news folks because of the "Anderson" schedule.

Noonan's interview just doesn't encourage me that the second season of "Anderson" will be better or that it won't interfere too much with 360.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7/14/14 5:17 PM Well, if I am understanding Anderson's logic for coming out and why he has kept silent all these years (traveling to anti-gay places), I suppose now that he is out he "can't" travel to those places, so that eliminates those affected areas of the world. So perhaps he can't travel anymore except within the United States? Did Chtistianne Amanpour have to stop traveling because she came out as female? Did Wolf have to stop traveling because he came out as Jewish? Did Lara Logan have to stop traveling because people found out she is female?

Anonymous said...

I agree, the idea of a co-host is a VERY VERY VERY DUMP STUPID IDEA! Anderson does ok on his own. He just needs good & fun exciting topics to discuss on his show. He does a great job w/ the audience if anyone went to see his show. He just has some DUMB BAD PRODUCERS w/ some VERY IDIOTIC STUPID IDEAS & topics & he's being coached to NOT be himself, he's trying too hard to be someone he's Not! He's himself when he's talking to the audience, answering their questions before & after the show! But what do I know...I said from the very FIRST day, that talk show was a HORRIBLE IDEA...but who listens to me when MONEY speaks LOUDER!

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake. It wasn't Jonestown Ohio it was Johnstown Pennsylvania, where a dam collapsed and the rushing water killed over 2000 people in 1889. Sorry about screwing that up.

One other note, where will the show be live? In some markets it's broadcast at 9 am and in others it's on at 4 pm. Not every viewer will be able to "interact" live with "Anderson" unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Very good idea to have a co-host.
anderson on his own is one big bore.
And if they're designing "a space that fits him,' why not do some of the shows in his firehouse.
Now that would get viewers.
If Kelly Ripa can have a co-host and she's a pro, this rookie needs more than a host to keep the show alive.

Anonymous said...

First of all the show was live to begin with, so the energy part is a non issue.
And in some places, except NYC, the show will always be taped.
Just like DWTS.
As far as I'm concerned, the problem is the host.
He is not suited for what he is doing and unless he fails big time, no one is about to tell him.