Sunday, July 22, 2012

Planet In Peril - AC360 Live from Thailand & Cambodia

Still cleaning out our office and this week we came across some old video from when Anderson anchored AC360 Live from Thailand and Cambodia, while filming for the Planet In Peril special. Even though we have already done the posts for those two countries; we thought you might like a little background info what went into the final segments and some other segments that didn't get covered in the final product. Anderson and team were in the region investigating animal and human trafficking ~

In case you missed the post on
Thailand, you may find it be clicking here. And clips from Anderson's time in Thailand ~

Anderson visits the JJ Market

Jeff and Neil travel to Burma & discuss with Anderson

Anderson' report on sex trafficking

Anderson's interview with the US Ambassador to Thailand

Anderson's interview with a woman from the UN agency on human trafficking

In case you missed the post on Cambodia, you may find it by clicking here. And clips from Anderson's time in Cambodia ~

Anderson's report on the sex trade in Cambodia

And follow up discussion

Animal trafficking

An Animal Rescue Center & Jeff's encounter with an elephant

Follow up with Jeff about injury from elephant encounter

Follow up with woman from Animal Rescue Center

Until next week when we find Anderson Yellowstone...


Anderson tweeted tonight ~

Anderson walked the red carpet

Had dinner
and introduced Sharon Stone who presented an award to Bill Gates

with Bill Gates and Former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi

with Bill Gates and Sharon Stone

The amfAR Benefit Gala was a kickoff for the first international aids conference held in the United Sates in more than two decades. To read more about the event, please click here.


Anderson's 60 Minutes story on Michael Phelps is re-airing tonight. If you missed our post on the original airing, please click on the link.

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