Sunday, July 15, 2012

Planet In Peril - Brazil, Part 3; AC360 Live from the Amazon Rain Forest

Digging through the vault a couple of weeks ago, we found some videos of when Anderson was in Brazil shooting the Planet In Peril series. He was on AC360 a lot giving updates while various CNN anchors, including John Roberts and John King, held down the anchor duties for the US news. We thought you might enjoy a behind the scenes look at what went into the Brazil segment of Planet In Peril...

The first night Anderson gave us an overview of what they had seen thus far on their trip ~

And then he was back with Jeff showing their helicopter ride that day and getting up close and personal with a frog ~

Night two was all talk of the Kraho tribe; about the tribe, Anderson and team's experience with the tribe, those blue markings on their bodies and how the Kraho are being endangered ~

The third night talk turned to endangered species, including sloths and the above endangered monkey

After a weekend of exploring Anderson and Jeff were back on Monday night to talk about going on patrol with IBAMA ~

And later to show an experience with a Manatee being nursed back to health ~

Also, Anderson's discussion with Kiran & the sloth release that didn't go quite right ~

Before leaving the Amazon Rain Forest to head home, Anderson and Jeff checked in with John King to share some final thoughts on their trip ~

Until next week.....

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