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Anderson Cooper Tuesday 8/21/12



Paul Begala and Kellyanne Conway
It was so refreshing to see AC push back on a Republican that we just had to clip it.


THE RISK FOR ROMNEY: Kellyanne Conway and Paul Begala


FRONTLINES OF VIOLENCE: Ted Rowlands reporting


AC360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks reporting



Paparazzi were on a stake out in front of AC’s firehouse on Tuesday taking pictures of Anderson and Ben. For additional pictures and to read more click here, here and here.


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I couldn't really get into 360 tonite.

I'm not surprised that the paparazzi is staking out the firehouse. It was only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Like we said, Anderson will do anything now for publicity and this is the new and improved Anderson peering at the press, as though they have no right to be watching him.
How can this be the same person we so admired?

Anonymous said...

The last celebrities to play games with the press were John Kennedy Jr. and Princess Diana.
And look where it got them?

Anonymous said...

Anderson should start dressing like an adult when he's out and about.
He's not nine years old and presentation is important when you have double responsibilites.
Once in a while Jon Stewart appears in sweats with his children.
This is acceptable. He has a play date.
But to always looks as though you're a teen or tween is unacceptable.
And on stage he wears the short sleeve gingham shirts that he wouldn't be caught dead in in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Acanderfan, 360 was just ehh tonight. I could not get into it either.

As to the paparazzi pictures, no shocker there! I think we will be seeing A LOT more of these now. The paparazzi will hound them both to really show what type of relationship they really have, a friendship, dating or open relationship. The day those cheating pics came out is the day Anderson's life forever changed. He will always be tabloid fodder now.

Did you all know that now the Croatia video has been made private, after all these days? Yes, it has. It seems finally after what, ten days or so, CNN, TW and Anderson are trying to stamp down the gossip.

Funny, they did nothing until the pictures came out that they live together and then all that was talked about on every blog, article etc was that they must have an open relationship. When that talk was all over the net, along with these pictures THEN they started trying to "clean up" if you will. Along with that video being taken down I've even seen the exact same comment on many sites, that sounds exactly like PR talk, that says they broke up, are just friends, never planned on marrying and are not adopting kids.

To me it seems too little too late because it is all out in the open now. If Anderson wanted to stop this he should have released a statement from day one saying they were just friends and all of this would have never happened. Instead he didn't and now we are two weeks into this with no end in sight.

This talk definitely can't help his shows, especially the open relationship, threesome talk. Which is why I think they are now trying to step in and stop it. If they could I think they would yank these "living together" pics down also, but they can't because Just Jared owns them now, not the paparazzi.

All in all I think it is a huge mess and doesn't reflect well at all on Anderson. I had to laugh tonight on him trying to keep people honest on 360 yet his own life right now is in turmoil because he himself can't be honest.

Anonymous said...

Things were mostly very good on Tuesday's 360. State Rep. Akin is still the talk of the town. I liked how Anderson spent some time tracking down how the "rape victims can shut down reproduction" theory got started.

The best part of the show was during the panel discussion with Kellyanne Conway and Paul Begala. I loved how Anderson stopped Conway and asked for clarification when she stated gender-selection abortion happens a lot in the U.S. Even better after the commercial break Anderson quoted a well respected institute (sorry don't remember who) that gender-selection abortion is extremely rare in the U.S. After that Conway said voters are more concerned about the economy. Paul Begala was very well spoken throughout.

Personal note to Conway: You can wear whatever you want but people do make judgments based upon how you look. And you looked like you were headed for a party or nightclub with that rather loud pink and white top. Maybe next time wear something more *conservative* so you won't distract viewers from your viewpoint.

Randi Kaye's profile of Ann Romney - it did mention her comment years ago "we were so broke we considered selling some of the stock from our portfolio" but it was mostly a puff piece.

Excellent segment from Ted Rowlands about the violence in Chicago.

Thankfully the segment that started with Rosie O'Donnell's heart attack spent more time on women, heart disease and heart attacks and less time specifically on O'Donnell. Sanjay Gupta did a great job.

Lastly, I really liked the Ridiculist. Do these school officials honestly believe anyone hasn't heard the word "hell" a zillion times already? The girl, Caitlin, seems like a great kid; best of luck to her in the future. I enjoyed Anderson's snide and incredulous attitude in this, it was fun.

Paparazzi and new articles about Anderson's private life don't surprise me. However, I still don't believe any of this is a play for publicity. If it was, Anderson and Maisoni would have left home together because photos of them together would have gotten even more attention.


aries moon said...

On-air fact checking of questionable statements is something 360 should make a habit of because Kellyanne Conway would've just been able to spout out nonsense if AC hadn't thought to question her--has some of Soledad's truth-seeking determination rubbed off on AC? I'd like to think so.

Kind of odd that anyone thinks that Anderson staged this whole thing with his partner for publicity--seems to me that's the LAST thing he wants anyone to focus on, he never discusses that part of his life and I'm sure he wanted this whole thing to go away. I don't see anything suspect in how everything went down. The people who assumed that there was trouble between Anderson and Ben were proven wrong by the yacht video and the firehouse photos. I doubt this situation will have a negative affect on Anderson or turn anyone off except the people who find everything he does distasteful and wrong and can't find anything positive about him, but still keep an unusually close eye on ALL he does. AC seems happy and I'm glad he is.

Anderson's talk show may not be the best thing he's ever done, but I'd watch him over Katie Couric anyday, she is simply irritating.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some of you are making Anderson out to be the bad guy? If we are to assume that he was cheated on then how is HE the bad guy?? ...And really, we don't even know if he was cheated on since we know nothing about their relationship.

It's not as if he asked for this. Pictures got out (pictures that weren't even HIM) and now he's just trying to get on with his life.

I'm sure he would have preferred that those pictures not even be out there but what is he suppose to do? I know some people are suggesting he release a statement but why? What would he even say? It's not anyone's business. He obviously doesn't want to talk about his love life. That's fine. It will all blow over.

@11:32 -- Because he can't be honest? How so? Who should he be honest with? Suggesting that his life is in "turmoil" is just speculation. We don't know what's going on in his personal life. And sure, we would all love to know the details but it isn't anyone's business. AC "keeping people honest" on his television show has absolutely nothing to do with his life. And it shouldn't. He can do his job and have a life outside of work.

tina benez said...

My friends see Anderson all the time out in NYC and say he's very nice and friendly looking;)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8/22/12 3:23 AM:

When you are perceived, by all, as hiding things in your life yet trying to be on TV and making others reveal everything about themselves you are seen as disingenuous. That is partly why Anderson's ratings, on both shows, have fallen.

He looked like a hypocrite on his talk show calling out people for things they had done in their lives or how they lived, such as the polygamist, yet he himself was walking around that big ole elephant in the room and refusing to say he was gay and lived what some may call an alternative lifestyle himself.

Now that he has come out it will be expected of him to talk more about his personal life just as every other TV talk show host does. If he didn't want to do that then he shouldn't have taken that job. Not being fully open and honest turns viewers off. That is why when Oprah and others started having ratings problems they dumped all their secrets at our feet, the drug use, abuse, abortion, etc.

As to 360, same can be said for it. It looks hypocritical to people that you say you are open, honest and unbiased yet everyone knows that you really aren't. That you still hide things in your life, that most other people don't.

Anderson's life is in turmoil, he's been tabloid fodder for two weeks. He has paparazzi stalking him, even on vacation. He can't even step out of his house without them being there. His whole private life is out there for all to see, something he never wanted. For someone who is so image conscience that definitely is hurting him. He may put on a happy face, it's what he always does, but anyone who has followed him for a while knows how he feels about this. He definitely isn't loving it that is for sure.

And no one knows what is going on between him and Ben. They could be having knock down, drag out fights behind closed doors. You think he'd let that be known? And many say they are friends only and don't date anymore. So who knows, really? No one here for sure. I surely don't! Looks can be deceiving sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer Anderson any day over Katie Couric!

Also I know it is none of our business, but I can't stop myself from reading the gossip about Anderson.

Anonymous said...

People can "expect" all they want, but it's Anderson's life and career and only he makes the decision of how he wants to handle things, maybe some people disagree with how he goes about it but
I'm sure he knows the consequences and risks involved but he doesn't owe anyone explanations nor does he have to accomodate outsiders demands that he behave the way THEY think he should.

Anonymous said...

"Only he makes the decisions."
That said, quite convenient, don't you think, all of this being released right before his talkfest?
Not that any of it will help his ratings.
He will still get the same l.3 million he always got. Boy friend or no boy friend.
To most....he just doesn't matter.
In Touch put Teresa of the NJ Housewives on the cover and I bought it to read about HER. Not him who was tucked away, deep inside with his BF, Ben.
Now maybe Andy Cohen will take Trump's advice and give Teresa a talkshow.
Now, that would get ratings.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break up this wonderful insiteful dialogue about who was cheating on whom, and whether AC still has a BF or a BFF, but is there really a question in the Republican camp about "legitimate rape?"
How can rape ever be categorized as legitimate?
Just asking.