Friday, August 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Friday, August 24, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, TROPICAL STORM ISAAC TARGETS HAITI, Entire Fla. west coast in likely storm path: Anderson Cooper and Chad Myers report
BREAKING NEWS, TROPICAL STORM ISAAC TARGETS HAITI, 400,000 living in tents, have no safe place to go: Gary Tuchman reports from Port-au-Prince, Haiti
BREAKING NEWS, TROPICAL STORM ISAAC TARGETS HAITI, Sean Penn set up foundation to help Haiti recover from earthquake: Anderson interviews Sean Penn

BREAKING NEWS, SHOOTING AT EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, NYPD releases surveillance video: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up discussion with Lou Paumbo (on phone)
Follow up discussion with Poppy Harlow (on phone)
Follow up discussion with Alex Nott, tourist who witnesses event

ROMNEY JOKE RAISES EYEBROWS, Denies comment was meant as a birther dig: Anderson Cooper with John King and Gloria Borger

BREAKING NEWS, TROPICAL STORM ISAAC TARGETS HAITI, 400,000 living in tents, have no safe place to go: Anderson checks back in with Gary Tuchman in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

ARMSTRONG DROPS FIGHT TO CLEAR HIS NAME, USDA says cyclist to be stripped of 7 Tour de France titles: Anderson and Bill Strickland, Editor-at-large, "Bicycling" discuss



In February 2006 Anderson was in NOLA for the 6 Month Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. On Sunday, February 26, 2006 he was promoting his coverage. This Sunday we will look back on the highlights of his reporting during that trip, from both Waveland, Mississippi and New Orleans. Below is video of the promotion he did on CNN SUNDAY ~


The Raleigh Telegram posted an article about Anderson's upcoming speaking engagement. Please click on the link for the full article and photographs from one of Anderson's previous speaking engagements in Durham ~

CNN’s Anderson Cooper To Speak, Answer Questions In Durham

DURHAM – According to promoters for the event, Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor and Emmy winner will bring his “Anderson Cooper’s 360° World View” show to the Durham Performing Arts Center later this year. Cooper will be at the DPAC on Friday, September 21, 2012 and tickets go on sale for the event on Saturday, July 28 at 10am.

Organizers say that Cooper will have a 45 minute lecture followed by a 45 minute question and answer session that will take place with members of the audience being able to ask Cooper questions about his stories and travels.

Paparazzi followed Anderson on the streets of New York, trying to ask him questions about his personal life. The video is posted below for those who are interested ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised Anderson was live for 360 today. When I wondered about this yesterday, I would have guessed he wouldn't be here.

However, it was a jam-packed news day. A minute for the Empire State Building shooting at the start then a lot of good old-fashioned disaster reporting about Isaac. Everyone - Chad, Gary, Sean - did a great interview with Anderson.

After more on the Empire State Building shooting there was thankfully only one segment about politics. Romney's birth certificate comment - I don't think it was just a bad joke, Romney is trying to divert attention from the abortion issue.

More on Isaac and then a segment on Lance Armstrong that closed out the hour. At first I was annoyed there was no Ridiculist but the interview with Bill Strickland was good and answered some questions I had.

I can't watch the Anderson video on this computer, I'll have to wait til tomorrow to see it. The thing is I can't get mad at reporters shouting questions whether it's news reporters asking candidates about policy issues or sleazy paparazzi asking personal questions. That's the nature of the business and you gotta take both.


Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: You are absolutely right.
Just because Anderson is a reporter doesn't mean he's exempt from scrutiny.
He put himself in the arena and now he too, has to play the game.
The "paparazzi" are just doing their job, like it or not.

aries moon said...

Romney delving into birther territory and then trying to pretend he wasn't serious is disgusting. I hope he never sees the inside of the White House, but he and his billionaire buddies and dirty vote suppressing GOP governors may have it all sewn up.

I get that AC is rich and famous and has privileges most of us will never have and getting hounded by the paparazzi/press is a given--something he has to deal with, but seeing that "reporter" follow him from his home all the way to his taxi with the camera right in his face while bombarding him with personal questions is just so wrong--I know there are commenters here who will be thrilled to see AC harassed and "punished" for whatever reason, but it's kind of an awful thing to have to put up with, no matter how well off you are--I don't think I could handle it as calmly as he does--and I've never really heard him complain all that much about a lack of privacy the way many famous folks tend to do.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I agree so much with what you said, from the people who will say that he deserves it to the fact that he is a public figure and should expect the paparazzi to follow him.

I guess I am just naive and expect people to leave him alone doing this time. He sure had a lot of strength to just keep walking and not say anything to that reporter and didn't really show an expression on his face at all.

I really appreciate ATA posting all that they have about Anderson and Ben. It is our choice to read or watch what you post and I think most of us do want to know what is going on and how he handles things, and this latest video looks like he is handling it the way he wants to, with no comment.

Thank you

aries moon said...

@anon 12:28 pm, I also agree with your comments including ATA's coverage of AC lately, it really has been "all things Anderson" and has given us a fuller picture of his work and life.

The ATA Team said...

To those thanking us for covering Benderson you are welcome. To those who feel we’ve crossed the line at times, we’re sorry if we have offended you.

To Barbara Steph: We can't substantiate your claims and without proof we just aren't going there. We know you believe wholeheartedly in what you write but hopefully you will understand our comment policies.

Anonymous said...

@ATA can we now discuss Anderson's previous boyfriends? And why not it's only fair.

Anonymous said...

Anderson flew under the radar for many years and he was rich and famous then too.
There are many who are rich and famous and you never hear about them because they like it that way and there is a way to "fly under the radar."
Anderson wishes NOT to fly under the radar anymore so now it is only fair that he suffer the consequences.
You can't have it both ways.
This is why some of us have lost respect for him as a journalist.
He likes publicity. He likes his photos ops or he wouldn't be in the "biz."