Monday, August 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper Monday 8/12/12

Anderson Cooper is on vacation and Soledad O'Brien is in the AC360 anchor chair.

Since the boss is off the ATA staff headed to the beach for some much needed R & R, but we aren't abandoning our blogging duties. We'll have more gems from the ATA Vault to keep you entertained this week along with any extras we come across.
Being at the beach and watching people surf fishing reminded us of Anderson's fishing adventures way back in 2002 for Aaron Brown's program.


While we try to keep our posts centered on Anderson's professional life and public appearances, we understand some readers may have an interest in his personal life. We don't want to appear naive about news that was widely reported yesterday and today so if you are interested here are a few links to the behind the scenes drama.

We ask if you want to comment on this subject that you be respectful and deal in facts not speculation. We are astounded daily by the amount of hate and vitriol that people direct toward Anderson in ATA and ATC's comments. Those types of entries will not be posted concerning this subject so please don't waste your time or ours.


photo credit:Luiz Rampelotto/Europa Newswire

In Friday's extras we posted a picture of Anderson and Beyoncé Knowles at a UN Event. We came across a few more pictures of AC at the event and an article on with details of the evening. It opens with:
"Is this what happens at the U.N. every Friday night?" Anderson Cooper jokingly asked the crowd seated in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations on Friday (August 10). "Because, I've gotta tell you ... I wanna be here every Friday night if this goes on."

The news anchor was referring to members of the organization and their invited guests who were gathered for a special event leading up to World Humanitarian Day, quickly approaching on Sunday. Cooper, himself a humanitarian in many respects, was on hand to host a series of interviews with local and international humanitarians that would eventually lead into a performance from Beyoncé.

For the entire read follow the link.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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aries moon said...

Very nice pics of AC at the UN.

Anderson couldn't have possibly chosen a better week to take a vacation.

Anonymous said...

I watched some of Soledad O'Brien. She started 360 with a good segment on Romney appropriately titled "Medicare Scare Tactics". But when the talk turned to other politics/campaign/Paul Ryan, I lost interest.

Anderson's private life is private. Although it's really none of my business, I want Anderson to be happy in his personal life and hope all is well no matter who he's with or not with.

ATA, have fun at the beach!


Anonymous said...

Anderson doesn't seem to be a very good judge of character and/or he himself is easily fooled by people. Not that I am blaming him as he is the product of his upbringing (given his mother was married four times and has admitted to many many affairs, some to married men and while she was married herself and even cheated on Wyatt).