Monday, August 20, 2012

Anderson Cooper Monday 8/20/12

RAPE COMMENT CONTROVERSY: Anderson Cooper reporting
A STAKE IN ATKIN FALLOUT: Stephanie Schriock and Alice Stewart
RYAN AND WOMAN'S ISSUES: Tom Foreman reporting

BOTH CAMPAIGNS LEVEL FALSE CHARGES: Dana Bash, Wolf Blitzer and David Gergen

Gary Tuchman reporting
HISTORICAL PRESIDENTIAL TICKET: Wolf Blitzer and Douglas Brinkley

AMERICAN FIGHTING 22 YEAR DRUG SENTENCE: Anderson Cooper and Miguel Marquez reporting

Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST: Stolen iPad (and a look back at Phylis Diller)


Anderson Live tweeted a few pictures today.


On September 12, from 6 until 9 PM, an exhibition of THE WORLD OF GLORIA VANDERBILT: Collages, Dream Boxes, and Recent Paintings will take place at The New York Design Center to benefit the Huntsville Museum of Art. A Gala Dinner will be held immediately following the opening at The Four Seasons Restaurant.
Honorary chairs for the event are Anderson Cooper, designer Adolfo, designer Diane von Furstenberg, design editor Wendy Goodman, comedian Kathy Griffin, and writer Joyce Carol Oates.
Gala Opening Ticket - $150 per person (fully tax deductible)
Gala Dinner Honoring Gloria Vanderbilt – $500 per person* (fully tax deductible)
For more information follow the link.

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Anonymous said...

It was so nice having Anderson back. Yes there are many more articulate, smarter, better questioners and charasmatac anchors, but there is no one like Anderson Cooper. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me.
But when was this picture of Gloria taken?
Not yesterday.
At 88 we all know she has trouble walking and she looks like this?
Even plastic surgery doesn't do this.
If she's bathing in the fountain of youth I want to know where it is.

Anonymous said...

This time Anderson's crew better stop the laughing and fooling around and engage in some heart to hearts before curtain time rolls around.
His content is lacking and needs to stick to one topic and those topics better be of relevance and not just from TLC...or someone is going to pull the plug.
There's just too many options this fall to waste anyone's time with a mediocre host doing a mediocre show.

Anonymous said...

Except for one segment it was a very good 360. The news about state Rep. Akin has been all over the place today, of course it was going to be 360's lead story. I appreciated that the panel was two women and both spoke very well for their side although Alice Stewart tried once too often to distance Romney from Akin.

I also liked seeing Wolf Blitzer on the panel about political mudslinging; Wolf knows his stuff.

The segment concerning Romney's Mormonism didn't interest me. I'm one of those people Douglas Brinkley meant when he said this was a non-issue for a lot of people. But I understand why they covered this, there are too many people like the old guy in the diner in the video who won't vote for a Mormon.

The lengthy review of Jason Puracel's drug case in Nicaragua wasn't needed. The news that Puracel made a statement in court today could have been dealt with in the Bulletin. That would have allowed time for a segment on Chavis Carter (*suicide* when handcuffed in a police car). I didn't understand why the Puracel story was given more attention.

At the end of the Bulletin Anderson said the Ridiculist was coming up but didn't hint at a topic. I wondered if he was going to address the publicity about his personal life. Not talk about his personal life itself but just the ridiculous media attention. Turned out the Ridiculist was about a clown's stolen Ipad and rather lame.

Anderson doesn't owe anyone any explanation about his private life, but I was still hoping for a little bit of insight. If not on 360 maybe just a tweet saying 'don't believe what you've heard, I'm fine, don't worry' kind of thing.

@Anon 11:44, Mom Gloria has had quite a bit plastic surgery but maybe there has been considerable re-touching done for that photo.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Good to see Anderson back. 360 was pretty good, good mix of stories.

aries moon said...

Stephanie Schriock is someone I hope to see on the show more often.

Akin's views aren't some aberration in the GOP, many of them share the same opinion, including wonder boy Paul Ryan. A Romney-Ryan White House would set women back decades.

Strange how 360 never let up on Obama and Rev. Wright, but we're supposed to not have any concerns about Romney's religion and forget all about Bain and Romney's taxes.

Glad to see AC back, but as usual, 360's content/reporting frustrates me.

Anonymous said...

Rumor had it that Anderson tried to hire Oprah's old director, Joe Terry, to run his show. Cooper & WB even had him on set to give advice in the beginning. Seems Terry is a smart man because he's signed with Katie and appears in her video giving a tour of her set & show. Why tie yourself to a floundering show that plays musical chairs with producers and thinks TLC has worthy shows when you can wait a year and work with a proven talent who will keep it classy?

Anonymous said...

The name of the insane Missouri Congressman is not Atkin -- he is W. Todd Akin.

Anonymous said...

I watched most of 360, but switched or muted the channel when they talked about Mittens. Anderson Live has switched channels and time this year, he is opposite Dr OZ and two local newscasts, so good luck.

And yes they do need to expand their topics beyond TLC, especially T&T and anything affiliated with it.

Anonymous said...

@1:45AM: You are absolutely right about lack of class and we can add tasteless.
Katie will have class and taste and she will not sink to the lowest level for ratings.
And while were at it, so the "two have made up," and the media is now watching the firehouse.
How convenient since the starting date of his new show is so very soon.
Also tasteless.