Monday, August 27, 2012

Anderson Cooper Monday 8/27/12

Here's the rundown of Anderson's reports from NOLA today.

The Situation Room:

Erin Burnett clip 1:

Erin Burnett clip 2:

Romney Revealed:

RNC Special clip 1:

RNC Special clip 2:

RNC Special clip 3:

Instagram pictures from Anderson in NOLA today:

Anderson published these two pictures on Sunday night via Instagram:

This picture of Wolf and AC during rehearsal for last night's kick off of CNN's convention coverage was tweeted by @christianrocca

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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aries moon said...

Thanks for all of the video clips of AC's appearances--I can't keep up with all of them, so ATA's a big help.

AC's Instagram pics are very striking.

Anonymous said...

Anderson looks so exhausted recently. Those bags under his eyes.. The convention, the hurricane, his talk show, and now the media is dogging him about his personal life too. I wouldn't be sleeping either.

And how does one recommend to him to stop taking close-up self pics of himself? Oddly enough they're not very flattering. I always wondered what it'd be like to lean in for a kiss with him, and now we all know what that'd look like haha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ATA, for all the clips. I tuned into CNN a minute or so before 7 pm (CST) then saw that instead of 360 they would broadcast a pre-packaged profile of Romney. I didn't watch.

All the clips are good, very good interview with General Honore concerning the outer gulf-front parishes.

The same on Tuesday? Convention news with a scattering of hurricane reports? I really don't want to sit through a half hour of politics and pundits for just a few minutes of Anderson.


aries moon said...

AC's Instagram fans LOVE the close up pics of him judging from the positive comments and I'm sure they don't want him to stop taking them and I think he might be aware of that.