Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Thursday, August 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, NEW INFORMATION ON POSITION AND WIND SPEED, Millions directly in Tropical Storm Isaac's path: Reporting by Anderson Cooper and Chad Myers

PLATFORM PRIORITIES, Are Romney-Ryan, GOP positions identical: Anderson's interview with Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz

PRESIDENTIAL RACE TIGHTENING UP, new polls of swing states show narrow margins: John King at the magic wall and Anderson's follow up discussion with John and Candy Crowley

"CIVIL WAR" CONTROVERSY: Report by Anderson Cooper
TEXAS JUDGE PREDICTS...WAIT FOR IT...CIVIL WAR!, Says re-electing President Obama could trigger riots, unrest: Anderson and Ed Lavandera reporting

TEACHER'S ACCUSED OF SEX CRIMES, Blocked bill in Calif. would have made it easier to fire them: Report by Kyung Lah and follow up with Anderson

BREAKING NEWS, NEW THREAT FROM TROPICAL STORM ISAAC, Expected to be hurricane strength when it hits Haiti: Gary Tuchman (from Port-au-Prince) reports and discusses with Anderson



Anderson posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself on the new set of 'Anderson Live'


The United Nations posted some video of Anderson's interviews as host of the World Humanitarian Day event in NYC on Friday, August 10th ~

And Beyonce's live performance of the "I Was Here" music video at the event ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was ok. That sheriff in Texas is nuts. I can't believe he actually thinks the reelection of the POTUS will cause a civil war. What a nut.

Anonymous said...

Two days ago I praised Anderson for fact-checking Kellyann Conway about her statement on gender-selected abortions. To be fair Anderson should also be praised for fact-checking Rep. Wasserman-Shultz. However, Rep. W-S didn't back down as Conley did and so Anderson kept asking her the same question differently. The repetition and interruptions bothered me.
I do agree with Rep. W-S that "you cannot separate the candidate from the party's platform." I just hoped they would have moved on and talked about women voters or details of the Human Life Amendment bill.

I loved the "The Par of the Show When John King Makes You Smarter" graphic; if 360 has used this before I must have missed it. King and Candy Crowley had a very good panel discussion.

To all the politicians who voted no and killed the California bill making it easier to fire sex-crime teachers: I hope none of you are re-elected. I hope to see Kyung Lah on 360 again, she's good.

The best part of the Ridiculist was John Roberts' reaction to "nice melons", the rest was kind of meh.

Will Anderson anchor 360 on Friday and will it be live? So far this summer Anderson hasn't had a good track record on Fridays but with a convention coming up and a hurricane brewing there will be plenty to talk about.

I like the expression on Anderson's face in the "Anderson Live" promo photo, he looks like he means business. OTOH, I worry about getting more TLC topics.


aries moon said...

I hope Anderson/360 continues to fact-check inaccurate or inconsistent statements--AC was very persistent with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and he got her to admit that the Democrats used one part of the quote by the L.A. Times about Romney in a misleading way--I don't know if something's changed within CNN, but they're becoming a bit more forceful when questioning politicians/surrogates--I've seen it with Soledad, Anderson and every now and then Wolf and Candy--it's good to see them pressing for facts from both Democrats and Republicans. Having said that, I do believe that Romney/Ryan back their party's platform on abortion--there's plenty of evidence out there to prove it, but of course, no reporter is "allowed" to ask Romney anything about it now.

That judge in Texas is a good example of the conservative nuts out there who despise President Obama, very disturbing and sad.

Thanks for the United Nations clips.

Anonymous said...

I thought Anderson was a bit of an ass tonight with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Not that he didn't have a right to call her out for her inaccurate use of a quote, but he kept interrupting her to the point of barely letting her speak. And quite frankly - if he wants to report real news, why not discuss where the various parties and candidates stand on issues vs. who used a quote in a mis-leading way. Name me one politician that hasn't done that.

I guess coming on the heels of letting Mary Matalin go one and on last night (and never questioning anything she says because he's friends with her), it seemed a little odd to me that he kept interrupting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He never calls out Ari Fleischer on the inaccuracies he tells either.

I, also, got the impression that Anderson only wanted to question her on her mis-statement and not the differences in the party's platforms, etc. because he hadn't done his research to be able to discuss the platforms. He had his fact about the language of the Repubs platform on abortion not changing much over the years, but didn't seem to know much beyond that - or if he did, didn't want to talk about it.

As a viewer, I'd rather be informed on issues vs.(to borrow a phrase from she who will not be named) the "got ya" brand of journalism.

I know it's late - but the whole report on Mormonism the other night was weak and misleading. Mainstream protestants consider Mormonism a cult, but of course that won't be researched or discussed; at least not on CNN. Apparently Anderson doesn't find "magic underwear" as interesting as he did Rev. Wright in 2008.

I was glad to see Gary in Haiti, but wondered why Anderson wasn't there. Maybe the hurricane will hit Tampa and he'll pull double duty while he's at the convention.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

@ Jenn 8/24/12 2:50 AM Even though the daytime show hasn't started yet, I think that is what is "preventing" (an excuse) is that Anderson is working on the daytime show now. That combined with having come out and therefore unable to travel to certain areas of the world now that he is openly gay (according to his own reasoning), he can't travel anymore.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that ATA is now acknowledging Ben. It would seem rather silly now to act as though Ben is nothing to Anderson. Ben is obviously part of Anderson's life in some regard.

aries moon said...

Jenn raises some good points about Anderson's segment with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and sometimes I wonder if Anderson's somewhat intimidated by conservative politicians and pundits such Ari and Mary because he will quickly question Cornell and Paul Begala but he lets Ari and Mary do monologues with no challenge and generally gives them the last word over the Democrat or they edit the piece to let the conservative get the last word. I think he and others at CNN are too focused on not looking as though they have a liberal slant and so they sometimes go easier on conservatives, but I'm glad to see someone like Soledad and every now and then Anderson, just go for facts.

Anonymous said...

@8:39AM: Are you for real?
Anderson can't travel to "certain parts of the world because he's openly gay?"
Yes, right. They're all waiting there with clubs and sticks in certain parts of the globe because Anderson Cooper is openly even sounds ridiculous.
Anderson isn't traveling because he doesn't want to. Period.
And as far as his "being gay," why don't you say he's not going to go to certain "parts of the good ole' United States," because he's openly gay. Now that would be more in line with the factual truth.
Have you checked the RED STATE map lately?
And if you don't know a red state from a blue state here's a hint, let's start with Texas and Arizona and work our way know towards the right, and that's not a pun.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that many of you feel Anderson was too harsh in his questioning with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and would have preferred to hear her talk some more. She told one lie she refused to own up to, and you want to hear more from her?

I, on the other hand, feel it was completely justified. As a head politician she has the duty to be honest to her constituents and the public. She signed up to represent the public, and to not even apologize for misquoting i.e. lying about what a newspaper said is outrageous. We should all be questioning our politicians as hard as Anderson is, and demand they be honest, truthful and honorable. A three-year old makes up stories to get what they want. That's not something I want to forgive politicians for.