Thursday, August 09, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Thursday, August 9, 2012

CHARITY SCAM?, Charity to help hospitalized vets accused of helping itself to millions: Report by Drew Griffin & follow up discussion with Anderson
CHARITY SCAM?, California Attorney General wants charity's board members fired: Anderson's interview with Kamala Harris, California's Attorney General

ROMNEY'S ROUGH MONTH, Unfavorability surges in new CNN/RC poll: Anderson and John King discuss
THE BIG V.P. VALUE QUESTION, Could anyone on the Romney shortlist make a difference: Anderson's follow up discussion with Candy Crowley and Ari Fleischer

SECRET SECT LIVING UNDERGROUND, Some of the children had never seen sunlight: Anderson and Matthew Chance report and discuss

FATAL PATROL CAR SHOOTING, Police say handcuffed man shot himself in the head: Report by Randi Kaye
SUICIDE OR HOMICIDE?, Questions about death of handcuffed man in police car: Anderson's follow up discussion with Lou Palumbo and Dr. Michael Hunter, Chief Medical Examiner, Panama City, FL





andersoncooper360 has joined Instagram and posted the following photos of Anderson reporting from Wisconsin Monday and Tuesday ~


One of the AC360 producers tweeted this photo of Anderson interviewing Amardeep Kaleka on Tuesday night's AC360 ~


Anderson "Tweeted" today ~

Click here for the link.


And from 'Anderson' ~

"Our Executive Producer @TVTerence was surprised with cupcakes for his birthday at today's producer retreat. "

Part of the retreat included the 'Anderson' team going on THE RIDE. Mr. Cooper seems to be hiding under his baseball cap in the middle of the photo.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked today's 360. Drew Griffin's piece was interesting. These "charities" should be ashmaed of themselves. And for whatever reason these "charities" seem to always be associated with vets. Its awful.

Anonymous said...

I liked the new charity scam report; it's great that the Cal. AG is investigation Help Hospitalized Vets. Anderson said everybody should check the website - - but I don't remember it being in big letters on the screen (was it even at the bottom of the screen or anywhere?)

John King and Anderson did a good job talking about the polls but I just can't put too much stock into polls this far away from the election. Too much time for something to happen. Candy Crowley should be on 360 more often, I like how she talks.

The Ridiculist was funny, partly because of the video of the sportscaster upset with Bob Costas. I was wondering if the timing of the Ridiculist and Anderson's own sign-off (the Ridiculist was a few minutes early, followed by commercials, then Anderson's five-second sign-off then right into Piers Morgan) - was that a coincidence or was planned that way due to the subject of the Ridiculist?

Cute photo of Anderson reading, with glasses and furrowed brow and all.


aries moon said...

I know the charity scam reports are important and worthwhile, but I can't say they hold my interest much--I hope the scammers get what's coming to them, but I can't really get into the reports and Drew Griffin is not someone I care to watch at any time.

There is no way that young man shot himself in the police car while he was double-handcuffed--this is why some communities have trouble trusting police.

The Ridiculist may have been a slight dig at Erin Burnett for the time she cut into AC's start time a few weeks ago.

Very nice pics of AC--I don't know what he and his Anderson Live team are doing in that group shot, but they're sure having fun.

I had to laugh at that tweet from Anderson on his Newt interview--tooting his own horn much? But it was a good interview and he's right to be pleased with it.