Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Anderson Cooper Tuesday 8/7/12

AC360 was live from Oak Creek, Wisconsin Tuesday evening

Anderson Cooper and Drew Griffin reporting

NEO-NAZIS AND THE MILITARY: Anderson interviews TJ Leyden and Pete Simi

SHOOTER'S FORMER STEP-MOTHER SPEAKS OUT: Anderson speaks with Laura Page by phone


AC interview with victim's son:


Ben Wedeman reporting


TVNewser puts CNN's Primetime ratings at an all time low. Of course the Olympics factor into the horrible numbers but......

They write:
It’s been a challenging week in the ratings for just about any network not named NBC, but for CNN, last week was especially rough in the ratings department as the network experienced another 20-year low in primetime. Between 8-11pmET CNN averaged 307,000 Total Viewers / 86,000 A25-54 viewers.

At 9pmET, “Piers Morgan Tonight” drew 314,000 viewers with 81,000 in the demographic. The “Anderson Cooper 360″ re-air drew 259,000 Total Viewers and 97,000 A25-54 viewers at 10pmET. The ratings for Morgan’s program and the 10pmET edition of Cooper’s program marked 20-year lows for the network in their respective time slots.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

It is really depressing about the ratings because Anderson has done two very good shows from Wisconsin. There is something very special about him. I have been watching some shows on MSNBC and Fox lately and it would be awful if CNN went off the air and all we had to choose from is MSNBC or Fox.

Anonymous said...

A 20 year low???
And Anderson was on location!
How could that be????

Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for CNN.
ALL the stations that were not affiliated with NBC had the same challenge but CNN felt it more because they were doing poorly to begin with and Breaking News is not what it once was for a loser channel.
Especially so because its star performer is having an identity crisis and doesn't know whether he wants to be a real reporter or a fake comedian or a showhost.
It all falls in CNN's lap.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed tonight's AC360 as I did last night's program. It saddens me to think that because the people that were killed "looked a little different" and had different religious beliefs than protestant Christians, most of America isn't interested. How sad is that a statement on our society?

Anderson is at his best in the field and if anyone watched Erin Burnett last night and then AC360 it was night and day difference. There was a reason Erin was in the studio tonight - she is not good in the field and it was grossly obvious last night.

While I know how the ratings work, I feel that AC360/Anderson has gotten the shaft from the whole CNN fail. It won't be a year until tomorrow 8/8 that they moved him to the 8pm time slot and repeat his hour at 10pm. What happened as a result of that move is that Anderson's previous audience has been split between the two time slots. The East coast watches him at 8pm and the West coast watches him at 10pm (7pm locally) and those in the middle can take their pick. So for all intensive purposes, the ratings comparisons are apples and oranges this year to last, IMO.

It is a coincidence that Piers got a bump last night when AC360 ran over a minute or two? I'm guessing not.

I know that AC360's numbers are down, I'm not stupid or naive, but I think it has more to do with CNN as a whole and the Republican slant they have taken as a network. People have tuned out and they aren't tuning back in.

I'm afraid Walton isn't leaving soon enough nor taking enough other management with him to make a difference. Juatz needed to be gone yesterday, since the really bone head changes and big declines have come under his watch, but no one seems to be mentioning him.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

Another very good 360. Anderson had excellent interviews with Pete Simi, TJ Leyden and Amardeep Kaleka. The interview with Laura Page was not so good but that's not Anderson's fault, she seemed nervous and uncomfortable; probably not used to live media interviews.

I appreciated the stories not about the Sikh Temple shooting; it just gives a more rounded program to cover other news too.

I'm surprised the TVNewser article doesn't state what 360's 8pm ratings were this past week. I'm not going to worry yet about CNN's ratings. As stated, the Olympics are going on but also all television ratings historically decline in the summer.

If CNN's ratings remain low from the political conventions to the election, then it's time to worry.


aries moon said...

Bad ratings or not, the two days AC360 has spent in Wisconsin have been some of the best reporting they've done, the interviews with the relatives of the victims and the shooter along with the discussion about Neo-nazis in the military in addition to the Joplin mosque fire were all very compelling. I get frustrated with AC360 and Anderson from time to time, but I do appreciate the good work they do and the research that it takes to put it all together.

I agree that Jautz and others who have decided CNN should go somewhat to the right need to go--just do straight news with no pundits and no agenda or favoritism to either political side.