Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac 9PM ET 8/29/12


Anonymous said...

Anderson was finally able to get a decent-sized report in without any technical difficulties. Even though this is only a tropical storm, it's stalling as Chad Meyers explained somewhere, over an area that's had plenty of rain already.

While we can armchair quarterback, so to speak, about people who stayed despite the mandatory evacuation, Anderson does explain that the parish had far less trouble during Katrina so it was easy to become complacent about Isaac.

Anderson's all-black outfit looked okay earlier but in this last clip it's blending into the background. However, he probably left most of his clothes back in Tampa.

Lastly, concerning storms that stall over cities, I gotta mention the Halloween blizzard 1991. Started on Halloween during trick-or-treating, ended two days later, over two feet of snow. We didn't find the pumpkin until Spring.


Anonymous said...

Jaanza someone tweeted Anderson commenting on his lack of a red jacket he responded that he had donated his to a charity auction and hasn't gotten a new one. Guess when you're sent to cover a convention in sunny FL you never think you'll be standing in a hurricane. I saw the last report and it is scary to think that a wall is holding back 10-12 feet of water.