Saturday, August 18, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 8/20/12

Monday August 20:
Could You Protect Yourself? & Animal Planet's 'Pit Boss,' Shorty Rossi

Tuesday August 21: Suze Orman. Plus, a Viral Video Everyone's Talking About

Wednesday August 22:
Can Arranged Marriages Really Work? Plus, New Documentary 'Bully'

Thursday August 23: Chaz Bono, 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Update, and Anderson Teaches Kindergarten

Friday August 24:
Has Your Obsession Gone Too Far? Shopaholic Mom Destroying Family


Anderson is about to reach 3 million Twitter followers, and to celebrate, Eye-Fi will reward one lucky Twitter follower with a trip to New York City, two-night hotel accommodations, tickets to our live taping, and an opportunity to go backstage at the show and see how a talk show is made! Follow the link to enter.

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Anonymous said...

Will this coming week bring late night show jokes about Anderson keeping his "cheating" boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

During the past week, I believe we have seen new a side of Anderson Cooper. Or a more in-depth side. I do not think that the Anderson we see on tv is the real life Anderson.

Anonymous said...


Honestly is that really a big surprise? I'm sure a lot of what we see of public figures doesn't represent how they actually are in real life.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter how many 'twitter fans' Anderson has?
If they don't watch his show, they are not fans.
It's like "she's my friend on Facebook.' Duh?
In real life I have nothing to do with her.
Maybe that's why their stock is doing so poorly since the split.
People are beginning to realize social media doesn't actually count.
It's just something to do.