Friday, September 21, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, September 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, HEROIC ACTIONS DURING U.S. CONSULATE ATTACK, Fmr. Navy SEALS Doherty, Woods died while saving lives: Reporting by Anderson Cooper, Arwa Damon and Fran Townsend

FOREIGN TURMOIL HITS THE TRAIL, Libya aftermath poses challenge for Obama, Romney: Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Jessica Yellin, Jim Acosta and Fareed Zakaria

A TAXING WEEK FOR ROMNEY, Romney releases tax returns as campaign questions continue: Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with James Carville and Mary Matalin

ANN ROMNEY FIRES BACK AT CRITICS, Defends husband's secretly recorded comments: Report by Randi Kaye

DID POLICE GO TOO FAR?, 19 cars stopped in search for bank robbery suspect: Report by Ted Rowlands


The SHOT, plus Anderson and Isha discuss the "ReBlitzUList"



Anderson tweeted an Instagram photo of Molly today.  Rumor has it she may be appearing on 'Anderson Live' next Thursday ~ posted several photos from Anderson's speaking engagement last night at the Hard Rock Live Hotel and Casino.  Below is a sampling, for the full set, please click on the link ~

And an article from the Broward-Palm Beach Times Blog ~
Anderson Cooper at Hard Rock Live: "I Don't Really Blend In Well, Particularly in, Like, Africa or Stuff"

Anderson Cooper spoke at Hard Rock Live last night, not representing CNN or his new daytime talk show in particular, but just him as a guy, telling stories, making perfectly timed self-deprecating jokes, and winning over everybody. But at some point, it went deeper than that. I realized: I want Anderson Cooper to be my friend.
He's the perfect example for our times. Raised in relative privilege, given lots of opportunities, told from an early age that he could do anything. "Follow your bliss" was Gloria Vanderbilt's sole career advice to her son, and she cribbed the line from a TV show. He graduated with a liberal-arts major from the Ivy League. He didn't know what to do with himself. The world was his oyster. Sound familiar, Gen-WTF pals?
But somehow he found the perfect thing to do, because standing in front of people and talking, not as an anchor or host or -caster but a pal, the Vanderbilt kid next door, is something he does like no one else.
"You do realize I'm not Julio Iglesias?" he said when he stepped onto the stage. "He's tomorrow night." The arena was half-full of Democrats and Republicans, women and men, 100% entirely normal people. They applauded and laughed. Outside, it was a normal night in Hollywood. Red lights at the Asian Massage. Drive-up liquors at Happy Pappy's. People talking about luck in elevators. But in here, we were rapt. Anderson had something to show us.
"The smell of cooking food fills the air, and taunts the hungry." It's a video clip of a brown-haired Yale-grad Anderson crouching among corpses in Somalia. "You don't realize they're bodies at first." He sounds almost impossibly sincere. It's the first broadcast story he ever did, from 1992.
"I wanted to be places where pain was palpable," he told us about that trip. His brother had just committed suicide. "I wanted to learn from people how to survive."
His travels have taken him to over 60 countries, and this is where the other part of my longing for friendship comes in: I found myself, rather embarrassingly, being inspired by his speech. Sure, it was peppered with lines like "We're all capable of anything," but Anderson Cooper really meant them: we could all, under some circumstances, be the cokehead socialite or the child soldier wielding a machete, watching his family get raped. We're all hanging by a thread. This is what you see when you're a Vanderbilt who travels to every corner of the globe to find whatever raw stuff is under our comfort and privilege. In his words, "the truths that are revealed in the dwindling light of day." Tell me he didn't write that one in advance.
"It's about not turning away from a combat zone," he said, speaking to veterans in the room. "You're running towards what everyone else is running from."
Shit, I think. My friend Anderson could teach me some things about doing my job.
For most of my life I've had that one friend who is good-looking, extremely polite, and seems to be good at everything. Sports, music, academics, writing: They make everything look easy. Anderson is one of these people. But we're all capable of anything. See what I mean?
He shows videotape of him in Egypt for CNN, getting punched in the head. He had never been in a fight before. On the tape, he's telling his Muslim assailants, "Calm down! Calm down!" as if that would help. He laughs at how silly that was. But he does the same thing every night, in front of the nation. Anderson spends his life struggling not to be partisan.
"Bias is the number-one thing I think about when reporting stories," he says. "I try to hold people accountable on facts. I try to do it to Democrats as much as I do it to Republicans." This, perhaps, is the flaw that keeps him from being entirely interesting when he's not taking punches or sidestepping bodies. It's also the reason we all like him so much. It's Obama 2007.
He tells us some anecdotes. Obama keeps the Oval Office hot -- enough to make people sweat. "Politicians don't sweat," Anderson remarks. "I, right now, am like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News."
Someone asks him about celebrities. He says he grew up around celebrities, and they don't really fascinate him. They're just as screwed up as us, if not more.
He talks about moderating presidential debates. "They're all staring at you with, like, these daggers of death, because they want you to call on them," he says. "Hillary will just stare at you. John Edwards would raise his little finger. That should have told me something right there."
He answers questions smoothly, like a pro, as they're read to him in a voice-of-God over the PA system. One 13-year-old girl asks, at the end of her question, "Also, can I touch your hair?"
He says yes and invites her up onto the stage. She touches his hair, and they pose for a photograph. Somehow, the segues between bodies in Africa and this kind of stuff seem practiced and effortless. Because these are all things that are interesting to humans, and Anderson Cooper is just a guy.
He's just like us. But why can't we be more like him?

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I think its funny that all these people are suddenly wanting to touch Anderson's hair and he's letting them!

Anonymous said...

OK. I don't know who wrote this but let's begin by saying it is in Palm Beach and go from there.
He's there to promote his show and himself and it is very naive of this writer to think otherwise.
He picked a very conservative place to do his "stuff."
And none of that comes naturally, we know because we've seen his live show.
"I try to hold people accountable."
Forgive me while I laugh.
You mean people other than Ari Fleischer or John McCain?
Now let's get Mr. Cooper into a state where people expect him to actually do some journalism, and where the top 2% doesn't live.
And even though I did once want to touch his hair, I really don't want to touch it anymore, and I don't want him to be my friend.
I, like the rest of the nation, have fallen in and out of "love" with Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Molly looks old.
She has to be at least ten and that's old for a dog.
Anderson should not bring her on his show if she's not up to it.

aries moon said...

Molly's adorable. I hope she does make another appearance on his show.

@ACAnderFan, AC has some pretty nice hair but I also don't get the need some people have to touch it, I guess they're drawn to it for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I just think it was cute that first that little girl wanted to touch his hair and second that he really let her do it. That is something she will remember for a long time. I still remember him shaking my hand at his book signing years ago.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:02

Just because you have "fallen in and out of love" with Anderson Cooper doesn't mean the "rest of the nation" has. Obviously the person that wrote the article hasn't. You're entitled to your opinion, but so are they and please don't pretend to speak for the "rest of the nation" because you don't.

Regarding AC360, does anyone else find it a little creepy that they combed Ambassador Stevens private journal for "news"? Apparently the Huffington Post found out about it and CNN/Anderson came clean before being called out?

Mary Matalin is a train wreck trying to defend Romney. There's a reason he provided a summary of his tax returns and not the actual returns. He got caught lying once about his tax returns when running for Gov. of Mass. so why should people suddenly believe everything is as he says this time around, when the steaks are even higher? Plus, the "charitable" giving is what is required from the Mormon "church" (and I use the term loosely) -- it's not that Mitt has a kind heart.

The segment on Ann Romney and report by Ted Rowlands (without follow up for context) were totally filler. Where was AC360's report on the Republicans using a procedure to kill the Veteran's Jobs Bill and Congress recessing until after the election with numerous spending bills laying on the table? I guess that would show the Republicans for what they are - obstructionists - and that doesn't fit CNN's narrative?

I was disappointed with Friday's AC360 - I think Anderson's schedule is catching up with him and/or he has to follow the CNN company line or maybe a bit of both?

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

I do think that Anderson is doing way too much and I am also sick of the person who keeps putting Anderson down. I still adore Anderson as much as I always have.

Claire said...

I read the Huff Post's article on CNN "finding" the journal. I think I'm speechless. Why would any news organization not turn something like that over to the State Dept. ASAP?

I'm starting to feel CNN is going the way of National Enquirer and that makes me a little sick to my stomach. Whose call would it have been to use any information from the journal in a news story? I just don't get where the integrity of CNN has gone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:02am

Get your facts straight and quit hating on an entire state, area and it's people you obviously know nothing about just because some idiot with a blog named it Broward Palm Beach. Broward is an entirely different county than Palm Beach. Palm Beach is over 50 miles away from Broward matter of factly. Also the Seminole Hard Rock Casino is in Broward not Palm Beach, not even in Miami for that matter. Your biased and displaced hate and insult of a state, county and its people is really uncalled for...

Anonymous said...

"away from Broward matter of factly," direct quote.
Perhaps English is not your native language so this phrase is forgiveable, however 'factly' is not
a word and no one was "hating on" an entire State.
The fact, not factly, remains that Palm Beach is a conservative area and like Politicians, you've heard of them, Anderson picks and choses his audiences to suit his needs.
Would he get the same reception in Wisconsin or any part of the mid-west? I doubt it.
And the LA times called him "hotdog and you want to "hate on them as well????"
And just for the record Donald Trump's estate is in Palm Beach.
Have you heard of him?
He too is "hotdog and showbiz" and a birther....anti-Obama just for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:08am is going to tell a 6th generation Floridian, born and raised native of said Palm Beach about Palm Beach. Oh really? Have you ever even been to Palm Beach or Florida for that matter? Enlighten us some more Anon 12:08am about southern idioms and speaking habits, hate, bias, politics and insults--tell us more oh holier than thou. Tell us all the real facts known to be true absolute fact about Andersons political beliefs, practices and intent- we're on the edge of our seats to absorb your ever so ultimate ominous judgement on Andersons and Palm Beaches politics...please enlighten us some more.. please