Friday, September 28, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, September 28, 2012

OFFICIAL, BENGHAZI SECURITY REQUEST NOT GRANTED, FBI wanted U.S. military to provide perimeter security support: Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Fran Townsend, Bob Baer, and Tom Fuentes

MAKE OR BREAK DEBATE MOMENTS, Pres. Obama, Mitt Romney prep for face off Wednesday night: Report by Anderson Cooper

DEBATE DRAMA, Is Denver really "do-or-die" for Romney?: Anderson's follow up discussion with Donna Brazile and Alex Castellanos

VETERANS AMBUSHED BY DISABILITY FIGHT, Some wait years for claims to be processed: Report by Randi Kaye

TEACHER ACCUSED OF SEGREGATING BLACK STUDENTS, Special Ed students were also allegedly kept apart from whites: Report by Gary Tuchman

Anderson announced a programming note - that they ran out of time in the broadcast for their report, "What Keeps You Up At Night" - Health Care is the number one social issues concern - and will be placing that full segment on the blog



Blogger's Commentary: Not sure if anyone else gets that fingernails on the chalkboard feeling when Anderson announces we are only going to hear a breaking news story on AC360. Me thinks if something is huge breaking news, that perhaps other news channels would be covering the story as well? In Anderson's opening statements of AC360 he said "...Tonight we're the first to tell you why. Tonight we have the likely reason and we have it from a top law enforcement official...." So which is it Mr. Cooper, are you going to tell us "why" or are you going to tell us someone's opinion of what is "likely" true?

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Anonymous said...

Friday's was probably the best 360 all week.

At first I thought the news on the Benghazi attack investigation - the FBI request for U.S. military escort was denied by Libya - was going to turn into repeat of Thursday's panel on this. However, the panel this time was more sensible than political.

Townsend said there was no clear answer from Libya for the denial and was it worth the risk to go in now? Fuentes stated 'what evidence can you get after it' been trampled by locals, souvenier hunters and reporters'? I love the inclusion of reporters in his comment. Baer still wanted an FBI investigation and answers but Fuentes pointed out that NATO munitions, brought in to bring Quadaffi down, could have been used by the bad guys, a problem in chaotic Libya.

it's time for Anderson to put Benghazi on the back burner.

In Anderson's review of big moments in past presidential debates, he should have taken the extra 5 seconds to include all of Sen. Bentson's remark, "I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. You are no jack Kennedy." And maybe a second or two more for Quayle's stunned expression.

Donna Brazile!!! Anderson finally had Donna Brazile on 360. She and Alex Castellanos had a good discussion on the upcoming debate.

360 should have had the WKYUAT - Health Care segment instead of either Randi Kaye's Dept. of Veterans Affairs report or Gary Tuchman's report on the segregationist teacher. Or maybe cut them both. Yes, these are problems but the reports felt like filler, like C grade stuff that would e on page 12 of any newspaper while a story like the political ramifications of health care concerns (especially concerns about 'Obamacare') would be page one... or at least page 5.

Anderson had fun with teasing Wolf Blitzer again but I gotta defend Wolf. I love a man who's not afraid to dance in front of the cameras. And Wolf looked like a pretty good dancer.

The comments in yesterday's post about me or jenn or AriesMoon becoming an official ATA blogger were flattering and interesting (me a politician?). Don't know what will develop on that but I will try to write often on the Comments page and encourage Jenn and AriesMoon and EVERYBODy to do the same.

Diversity of opinion is always good. Maybe someone loved Randi Kaye's and Gary Tuchman's reports. If that was you, say so.


Anonymous said...

I'm so over Anderson trying to make pundit opinion sound like fact. I'm also over Fran Townsend (from the former Bush administration) acting like she knows what's happening in Libya and within the administration. Since the administration she was part of didn't handle terror attacks well at all, I'm not sure she has a lot of credibility. Perhaps a guest from the current administration would better inform viewers vs. Townsend's Republican spin. Bob Baer was better again tonight and Tom Fuentes brought up some good points toward the end of the discussion. The first part of the discussion seemed much like sensational journalism, but then Baer and Fuentes toned it down and had some valid points.

I found the historical debate video interesting. And I'm looking forward to Wednesday night's debate. Will Anderson go to Denver or will his talk show prevent that from happening?

While Randi Kaye's report was interesting and sad, I don't think it's anything new. Just sad that things haven't improved. I wish AC360 would cover the failed Jobs Bill for Vets that the Republican Senators killed. To me, that's more relevant with the upcoming election. People are talking jobs and supporting veterans and then a bill comes along to help and it's voted down. Makes me go hmmm.... wish AC360 would dig deeper.

I love Gary Tuchman, and while his report was sad, it just seemed to be filler. AC360 had a segment on Health Care ready to go and since Health Care is a big concern to voters, perhaps the air time could have been better spent on it with a follow up on both sides views on how to fix heath care and John King breaking down the voter concern numbers.

Loved tonight's RidicuList -one of the better ones of late.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

Tom Fuentes laid out some credible reasons for the actions of the State Department/Obama Administration in Libya--not much confidence in the Libyans ability to secure the area, the military's involvement might make obtaining conclusive evidence from the attack more difficult for the FBI even if they were able to provide security. It sounded to me that Anderson, Fran and Bob were too interested in assigning blame to the administration without having examined the situation further for other possible explanations. Since it's an ongoing investigation, more info will eventually come out, but it would be nice if 360 could make a point to be more balanced in their coverage. Friday night was a start at least. I also agree with the ATA blogger commentary--I caught that "likely" comment by Anderson and immediately thought, either you know or you don't, either you have some definitive info or you don't and it is quite odd that other news channels haven't picked this story up. It was the same with Fast and Furious in its beginnings--Rachel Maddow did one or two reports on it and realized there wasn't much to it but a nutty right wing conspiracy theory and dropped it and it subsequently was proven that the DOJ and the Obama Administration did nothing wrong. AC did tons of reports on F&F, had Issa on a few times but said nothing about the final reports findings on the program. Gee, I wonder why?

I agree that the refusal of the GOP to pass the Veterans Jobs Bill should have been the story Randi Kaye looked into, but when Republicans are clearly and solely at fault on an issue and 360 can't blame the entire Congress for doing something wrong, I guess they won't bother reporting on it. And it doesn't help that John McCain (who voted no) is a frequent guest and AC may be hesitant to criticize him, but considering that McCain only pays lip service to the troops that Anderson respects so much, you'd think he'd call him out for such a disgusting act, but he hasn't bothered.

Speaking of stories 360 hasn't covered, the Republicans/Romney have been caught using a voter registration firm that turned in fraudulent registration forms in Florida--the Republicans are out to steal another election. Where's Drew Griffin on THIS?