Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, September 27, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, STATE DEPT, MORE STAFF BEING PULLED FROM TRIPOLI EMBASSY, Move being made for security reasons: Report by Anderson Cooper
BREAKING NEWS, STATE DEPT, MORE STAFF BEING PULLED FROM TRIPOLI EMBASSY, Temporary move, staff could return by next week: Anderson's follow up with Fran Townsend (Frmr. Homeland Security Advisor to George W. Bush), Bob Baer, and Jomana Karadsheh, CNN Producer
BREAKING NEWS, STATE DEPT, MORE STAFF BEING PULLED FROM TRIPOLI EMBASSY, Move being made for security reasons: Anderson's interview in the NYC studio with Sen. John McCain (R) Arizona

IRAN THREAT LOOMS OVER U.S.-ISRAEL RELATIONS, Israeli Amb., No snub between Obama and Netanyahu:  Anderson's interview with Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.
IRAN THREAT LOOMS OVER U.S.-ISRAEL RELATIONS, Pres. Obama, Netanyahu to speak on phone Friday: Anderson's follow up discussion with David Gergen and Dan Lothian

A NUMBERS GAME, Are poll critics trying to work the ref?:  Anderson's discussion with Cornell Belcher, John King and Ari Fleischer




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Anonymous said...

There was a lot not to like in Thursday's 360 The first segment started out well, it was 'breaking' (at least for me) that embassy staff were pulled from LIbya. Unfortunately, the segment became a re-hashing of the attack on Amb. Stevens, the investigation of that attack and debating the use of the word 'terror'.

Was the interview with Sen. McCain new or simply repeating the days-old interview with him? It sounded the same, same complaints, some phrases, same old stuff.

Anderson's interview with Amb. Michael Oren was pretty good. Oren was well-spoken and made his case convincingly. In the middle of the interview a subtitle on screen said 'Oren: Pres. Obama didn't snub Netanyahu'. Why did Anderson still have to ask about 'The View' and an alleged snub? Oren replied that the schedules didn't mesh and a phone call will be sufficient and hopefully this ends Anderson ever bringng it up again.

Anderson's introduction to the election polling segment really annoyed me. He pointed out several historical cases of polls and actual election results; Anderson said something about the 2000 polls then added 'and Gore narrowly lost the election'. MAJOR CLARIFICATION WAS NEEDED - Gore won the popular vote, Dubya won the presidency due to some hanging chads and a twisted Supreme Court.

This mistake was so glaring that even my husband, playing computer games and barely paying attention to 360, caught it. We spent most of the panel discussing this. So I didn't really pay attention to this panel but I was glad Cornell Belcher was there.

Maybe word got back to Anderson and the 360 staff that the lack of left-leaning individuals has been noticed and criticized.

I still love Anderson and hate it when 360 is not up to par.


aries moon said...

Apparently 360 no longer cares about putting together a fair and balanced panel when they discuss Libya--Anderson doing the devil's advocate bit isn't good enough. If they had reached out to a Democrat or someone from the Administration and were turned down, he probably would've mentioned that, but it seems like they haven't even TRIED to find a Dem rep at all. Resentment-filled John McCain has a standing invitation to come on 360 and speculate and go after the president with no one to challenge him.

The polls are right, Ari and his folks are just upset that the public is seeing that Romney's a lousy candidate and a flip-flopping fool.

Phebe said...

After last night I could not bring myself to watch 360 tonight. When Anderson gets a bug up his butt about something he doesn't let it go quickly.

I do wonder if he's not having anyone on representing the Dems because they have shunned him temporarily over his decision to use the Ambassador's journal, against the Steven's family’s wishes? Wouldn't that be interesting?

@Jaanza, You do an amazing job with your analysis of 360. Ever give any thought to joining the ATA team?

@aries moon, I believe we've asked you before too and know the offer still stands.

We are always looking for help with blogging so send us an email,, if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza - Amb. Oren is indeed very bright and articulate, he always makes me proud when he's on TV. I'm glad he's the one representing my country, sometimes they talk to Israelis who make me want to crawl under my bed, shut my eyes and ears and scream.
The reason Anderson kept on asking him about the President snubbing Netanyahu, is that he did. Amb. Oren is a professional diplomat, he can't say anything that might sound like an opinion regarding American politics. As an ambassador, he keeps on stressing the long time good relationship etc. Sadly, it's not the situation. Netanyahu is partly to blame, for not swallowing his pride when he had to, but the American-Israeli relation is worse than it ever been. -Sarah

aries moon said...

@Phebe, I completely agree with your comments about Jaanza's posts here--so smart, insightful and thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that last night most of the show was taped?

The only things that were live were the intro's, the poll discussion and the Bulletin. I just had to wonder why not tape what little was left and go home and rest? AC sure looks like he needs to!

The show in itself didn't bother me. Pres. Obama did snub Netanyahu and others and it should be talked about. If it were a Republican pres who did it there would be an uproar, I can promise you.

Polls are polls are polls. You can get any outcome you want by what questions you ask and who you ask them to. I don't pay any attention to them regardless of who is leading. They've been wrong MANY times.

I do have to say that it seems all of this "work" is taking it's toll on Anderson. I often have to wonder just how much does he actually do when it comes to prep work and what will actually be on 360, or the talk show, for that matter. Honestly I think he's bit off more than he can chew and it's showing on both shows.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe - thank you so much for the compliment but I would hesitate to be a regular blogger because often I don't pay close attention to 360 or the details. Jenn has been outstanding lately in that regard.

@Sarah - U.S./Israeli relations is another area I'm not very knowledgeable. Maybe 360 should have a segment covering this and informing us all how things stand between our two countries. If Amb. Oren can't be interviewed, there has to be many other smart people able to discuss this issue intelligently.

Also, I finished watching The Amazing Race Israel 2. Even though my favorite team didn't win, it was a great race, very tough and I congratulate the winners. You said the American TAR was going to use some TAR Israeli 2 ideas; I would love to see the 'duels' and 'the everyone votes for U-Turns' on the upcoming TAR 21.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:24 - The first segment with Bob Baer, Fran Townsend and Jomana Karadsheh was live - not taped. While the interviews with John McCain and Michael Oren were pre-taped, I'm guessing he may have had to work around their availability.

Last night's show was less slanted, but still no one from the current administration or a Democratic Senator to present the "other side." It appears Bob Baer had more information about what was happening in Libya and presented an actual explanation vs. spin/opinion. Other news channels were reporting similar information.

The "snub" is a matter of opinion. I think a snub would have been if President Obama met with other world leaders and not Netanyahu, but that wasn't the case. Netanyahu wanted a meeting on Wednesday, when President Obama wasn't in NYC. If he wanted a meeting bad enough, maybe he could have re-arranged his schedule or traveled to DC to meet with POTUS. Who knows.

I will point out that when George HW Bush was running for re-election, he didn't take any one on one meetings at the UN that year either; so I'm not sure POUTS' actions are as extreme as 360 and some of their pundits would like us to believe.

I do agree that I think Anderson has bitten off more than he can chew and both shows reflect that in quality and ratings.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the compliment. My time is very limited, but I'll consider joining the team if you will.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

As long as we're into nominating bloggers for 360, my vote goes to aries moon.
She has been writing insiteful comments since this blogs inception, because I often agree with her and then wonder why in the world she would waste her time watching Anderson's day nonsense.
And Jaanza is a close second.
She too, has been a contributor for quite some time and an objective contributor, which is rare. She may not agree with another person's comments, but she is a real, excuse the word, "politician," and never takes criticism of AC all that seriously...and it is refreshing.
@Phebe: Anderson rarely has ever given much thought or consideration to the opposing Democrat in a debate forum.
And I've watched him on 360 for years but have since tuned him out.