Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 9/18/12

ROMNEY PUSHES BACK: Mark McKinnon, Paul Begala, John King and Alice Stewart

ROMNEY ON MIDEAST PEACE: 'JUST NO WAY': Fareed Zaharia, Ari Fleicher and David Gergen

AC interviews Jimmy Carter's grandson, James E. Carter IV

WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT? Bob Baer talks about Afganistan
Follow up with John King, Jim Acosta and Dan Lothian

Isha Sesay

THE RIDICULIST: Kids Steal The Show

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

Parts of Tuesday's 360 were excellent. Terrific 'KTH' segment about things Romney said on that tape and Anderson pointing out the truth or clips of Ramney saying the opposite to big public crowds. Too many on the panel; Alice Stewart twisting Anderson's question about Romney and class warfare to say it's Obama who's doing class warfare, Mark McKinnon stating flatly that Romney is simply telling people what they want to hear and most interesting of all, John King pointing out on his magic map that a great deal of the '47%' live in red states.

The segment on Romney's views of Palestine and Israel was also very good but shame on David Gergen, when asked about Israel, first made a comment about the '47%' before answering Anderson's question.

The segment with James Carter IV wasn't needed.

I wish the 'What Keeps You Up At Night' segments always have an average American stating why they are worried about the issue instead of an expert pundit of some sort. For Tuesday, why not a parent with a kid stationed in Afghanistan? The best part was John King's poll pointing out that 60% of likely voters believe the US should not be involved in Afghanistan.

I was glad to see the Ridiculist come back. Anderson had fun with the topic 'Kids Steal the Show' and wondered if we'll see this topic again after Honey Boo Boo is his daytime co-host.


aries moon said...

Anderson did a fine job challenging Alice Stewart on the real meaning of Romney's speech, he didn't allow her to fall back on her talking point. If only 360 would can Ari Fleischer and use Mark McKinnon more often--he's a much better choice to present the conservative viewpoint than Ari. John King's comment about how his family had to go on food stamps when he was a kid was an eye-opening, candid moment--I don't always agree with some of JK's commentary, but it was quite fascinating to listen to him recount how his family needed and ultimately appreciated getting help from the government--you don't see too many people in his position owning up publicly to something like that.

Fareed Zakaria sure had it right when he said Romney's actions the past couple of weeks have been far from presidential.

Loved the Ridiculist, if only for the expression on that child's face.