Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday 9/26/12

KEEPING THEM HONEST, ROMNEY DOUBLES DOWN: Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta reporting
WELFARE WARFARE: Jim Acosta and Lori Robertson of FactCheck.org

U.N. BLUNDER BY PRESIDENT OBAMA? David Gergen and Fareed Zakaria

NEW SWING STATE POLLS SHOW OBAMA EDGE: Anderson, John King and Gloria Borger discuss

CHARITY CHEATS? Drew Griffin reporting

FIGHT FOR SYRIA: ITN's Bill Neely reports from Homs



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Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why AC360/CNN/Anderson seems intent on losing what few viewers they actually have or hope to gain? All they need to do is look at the ratings from the Repub and Dem conventions to find where their viewer potential lies, but apparently they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot?

In the first segment - which was a KTH on Romney's statement that his campaign takes down or amends false ads, Anderson asked the lady from FactCheck.org if the Dems took down or amended any ads. Hey, Mr. Cooper, the Dems didn't make that claim - Romney did - keep him honest and move on.

The KTH on the no one-on-one interviews at the UN by President Obama and trying to somehow link it to his appearance on The View had me banging me head on the desk. POTUS taped his View appearance Monday afternoon and Anderson, Gergen and Zakaria mentioned a state leader that was coming to NYC on Wednesday - so I'm not sure how POTUS not taping his View appearance on Monday would have made him available for a meeting on Wednesday. Apparently, there is no logical thinking in Mr. Cooper's brain/statements/tweets? The whole segment reeked of CNN not being given a specific reason for the President's actions - so they took it as an opportunity to bash him. I like to think that our President is smart enough - that he knows what he's doing and he doesn't owe CNN an explanation for his every move.

King Abdullah II of Jordan was on The Daily Show tonight and Jon had eluded to the POTUS/no meetings at the UN in his opening - so he asked King Abdullah if it was the talk of the UN and Abdullah said no, people were busy preparing their speeches and he heard no mention of anyone upset with President Obama about the lack of meetings. Jon asked him if perhaps the media had blown it out of proportion and King Adbullah said that he thought so.

Wonder if any of the CNN players were watching the Daily Show and how it made them feel.

While poor Drew Griffin has been going to great lengths to track these charity cheats down - I'm over these segments. They all seem the same to me and all lead back to the same company. I didn't see this as a breaking news segment, but as filler.

Perhaps the time could have been better spent delving into Romney's business ties to Iran, which by the way are illegal. You know, inform your viewers about the business dealings of a man running for president with the election 43 days away. There's a reason Romney isn't disclosing his tax returns. There's a reason he did the summary dump on a Friday, but apparently CNN isn't interesting in investigating that; just like they didn't want to report on the Republican's killing the Veteran's Jobs bill in the Senate on a procedural vote - which McCain voted Nay on, yet McCain went on AC360 the same night and told Anderson that President Obama pulled our combat troops out of Iraq too soon. Guess he wants our troops to fight/defend our freedom, but once they get home, doesn't care about helping them get a job? These are the type of news items that AC360 should be covering to educate viewers prior to the election - not filler stories on charities, and the such that can easily wait until after election day.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

Jenn entire post is right on target. AC360 needs to break out of that Keeping Them Honest box they're in--it seems to force them into looking for ways to negatively frame a story or incident when further investigation might lead to a less controversial explanation. Viewers are turning to Rachel Maddow and others on MSNBC because instead of covering charity scams or crime and punishment stories, they're talking about voter suppression/voter ID, the Koch Brothers/Karl Rove/Adelson/SuperPacs and Citizens United attempts to buy the White House and going in depth on Romney/Ryan and the policies they back--there isn't a lot of time wasted with pundits arguing back and forth, but viewers are getting important info that is actually relevant and critical in this election year. Maybe AC360 is doing the counter-programming thing, but I often feel that they aren't giving us sufficient pertinent information. Funny how Drew Griffin was all over the phony ACORN story, but hasn't bothered to talk about REAL voter fraud that Republicans in several states are trying to enact which is a genuine threat to democracy. Drew/360/CNN apparently don't see that as something worthy of discussion.

Anonymous said...

The role of the media is to vet both sides, not just one. Playing to one side or the other is not what the media is supposed to do. I applaud Anderson and 360 for at least trying to be unbiased and down the middle.

There are MANY things they skip over that could be covered about the Dems and Obama also so don't think he is covering for Romney to make him look good. That is just not so. There is only so much time in the show to cover stuff. My guess is he's trying to cover the more relevant items.

I suggest if you want all Republican bashing then you move on over to MSNBC, that is what they do. And if you want all Democrat bashing then move on over to FOX. 360 should stay as is and go after both political parties. That is, after all, their job...ratings or no!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:38AM I don't watch MSNBC or Fox, nor do I intend to. I'm not sure how long or how often you've watched AC360, but there has been a definite change in tone and coverage since the 2008 election. (Not just AC360, but CNN wide and I don't think it's a coincidence that is when their ratings started to decline and are now horrid.) I watch AC360 because for a long time Anderson did stay down the middle; but after years of watching, I feel that simply isn't the case any more. Count the number of times John McCain is on the show with no Dem Senator to provide the other side; count the number of times Ari Fleischer spouts lies and Anderson never pushes back; and so on; yet he was brutal with Hilary Rosen.

I know the Dems aren't perfect and if Anderson wants to present factual reports against Dems, fine, but I'm tired of pundits giving opinions and spinning party lines. Why can't Anderson just give us the facts, gives us the news, straight - both sides, no pundits, no spin?

I realize there are time constraints, so why are we getting local crime stories and charity scams this close to the election?

I think there is no one better when Anderson is traveling/field reporting to cover the news, especially overseas. But unfortunately, either because of his choice or changes at CNN that has pretty much stopped and I find the studio show lacking these days, and not just in the political coverage. I guess I continue to tune in because once in awhile, Anderson does air some actual reporting, like the Syria segment last night.

Anonymous said...

@Jenn: I am a Daily Show fan and a Jon Stewart fan, and if you watched the Emmys Jon got his umpteenth award!
And it was well deserved.
There is no one smarter and his writers are the best in the business and he always credits them with being the brains and the talent behind his show.
More college age kids learn the news from TDS than any other cable new show around, and you wonder why?