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Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday 9/27/12

SOURCES: NOT ONE FBI AGENT IN BENGHAZI: Anderson speaks with Fran Townsend, Bob Baer and Eli Lake, Newsweek/Daily Beast

SOURCES: FBI NOT GIVEN ACCESS BENGHAZI ATTACK SUSPECTS:  Anderson speaks with Fran Townsend, Sen. Johnny Isakson (Rep. Georgia) and Sen. Mike Turner (Rep. Ohio)

FLASH POINT IRAN: Anderson interviews Rudy Giuliani



THE RIDICULIST: Alligator Pool Party

Blogger's Commentary:

We’re going to attempt  a little humor tonight because AC360 was so ridiculous that either you laugh or you bang your head against the wall.  The first 25 minutes of Wednesday’s AC360’s focused on the lack of an FBI presence in Benghazi.  This, of course, was ‘Breaking News’. Does anyone else think of Chicken Little and the sky is falling when they see the Breaking News banner night after night?  But we digress, sorry.  So who did Anderson have on representing  the program’s ‘many points of view, so you can make up your own mind about the news’(see AC360 masthead if this reference eludes you)?  No less than TWO Republican Senators, a former Republican administration member and then a follow up with Rudy Giuliani, you guessed it…another Republican.  Oh yes, there also was a writer from the Daily Beast and a former CIA agent, neither of whom had defending the Obama administration at the top of their ‘to do’ list.   Not one, and we repeat, NOT ONE Democrat, member of the Obama Administration or State Dept. representative ( which may be because they are still 'disgusted' with Anderson/CNN and not willing to come on his program).  If any of our wonderful readers would like to explain to us how this is ‘fair and balanced’ reporting we’d love to hear it.   Until then we’ll just say that Anderson Cooper and AC360 hit an all time low tonight when it comes to fair and balanced.
And on a another note when Cooper said ‘Our sources said….’  the first thing that popped into my mind was ‘Did CNN find another journal?’.  Sadly,  it’s going to take us a while to get past tonight’s program and  last week’s debacle.

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Anonymous said...

Other things were going on here and I couldn't pay close attention to the first half of 360. However, I did catch Fran Townsend saying (regarding the attack in Benghazi), 'there was intelligence on this...why didn't the administration see this coming?' I couldn't help thinking about the intelligence reports in August 20o1 during the Bush administration.

I was finally able to sit down and concentrate on the show when Anderson started the most boring segment ever. I'm glad Glen Plake is okay after the avalanche but this segment was incredibly dull and went on way too long.

I don't know what the problem with 360 is lately. Is it because CNN head honchos want to swing to the right? Is it because Anderson's too busy with his daytime show to do his homework? Too busy to find out Pres. Obama taped 'The View' segment on Monday instead of being live Wednesday? How much effort does it take to tell a staff person 'let's also get a Democrat or Democratic-leaning person on the panel'?

I love Anderson. I hate the shoddy work on 360.
Come on, Anderson, you can do better.


aries moon said...

I get that things are tense between CNN/AC360 and The State Department and the Obama Administration, but it was unbelievably unfair and irresponsible for 360 to only bring in Obama critics to discuss Libya. It's VERY difficult to believe that they couldn't have reached out to ONE Democrat for another perspective--in general, 360 will rarely if ever have on a Democrat (and certainly not TWO) to discuss the President without digging up a couple of conservatives or King/Borger/Crowley for "balance" and that's why their actions tonight are so glaring. As far as the breaking news goes, I'm not sure I heard anything from any of their panelists that was so earth shattering--it's hard to get a sense of anything when you're only hearing one side of the story from people with agendas--there may be plenty of reasons the administration is handling things the way they are in Libya and none of it may involve a "cover-up" the way 360 would have us believe, but it's a sensitive situation with an ongoing investigation--maybe there is a reason the FBI wasn't on the scene there--but AC/Fran, etc have to assume the worst about the Administration. Fran Townsend has no room to talk when it comes to national security as Jaanza said. Bob Baer said one interesting thing and that was that that President Obama can't be blamed for what's happening in Libya. I've noticed that AC likes to ask pundits whether Obama's record on foreign policy even matters to voters in this election--he didn't ask that tonight as he and his one sided panel discussed Libya. Rudy Giuliani?? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

1.Fran Townsend - former Homeland Security Advisor to US Pres George W. Bush and in early 2012, a controversy arose regarding whether Townsend had committed federal felonies by providing material support to the MEK (an Iranian dissident group).
2. Bob Baer - a former CIA case officer who was recalled & investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for allegedly conspiring to assassinate Sadam Hussain.
3. Two Republican Senators
4. Eli Lake - the national security correspondent for the Daily Beast (Website). For those that aren't familiar with the Daily Beast - Tina Brown launched the Daily Beast with Anderson's buddy - Barry Diller & it has since merged w/Newsweek. If you look at the contributors to the Daily Beast - almost all are Republican's - such as Meghan McCain, Mark McKinnon, Condoleezza Rice, & David Frum, to name a few.
- If this is fair and balanced reporting I'll eat my hat!

I also find it odd that all this very important news that is such a supposed cover up by the Department of State and current administration - is only airing on CNN. None of the major network news outlets are reporting on this story. I kind of think if it were that big a story, the major news networks would carrying the story.

Apparently President Obama is responsible for the Arab Spring and all the fall out - the bad at least. I remember night after night when Anderson along w/Fouad & McCain were calling for President Obama to go into Libya without a coalition and put troops on the ground (another Iraq?) - and now Anderson is entertaining Republican congressmen that are complaining President Obama took the coalition action that he did. I guess Anderson has selective recall?

I'm not sure if Anderson is too busy with the daytime show that he's lost interest in AC360 and just reads what's put in front of him and interviews the guests his staff lines up or what. But his name is on the program and while Charlie Moore has responsibility for the show as EP - couldn't Anderson look at the line up and say hey guys - I think we need to book a more balanced slate of guests if we are going to be the fair and balanced show they advertise themselves to be.

And can someone explain to me when Rudi Guliani became an expert on Iran or is this another Republican given the opportunity to bash the current administration? Sorry, but Rudi has no credibility in this discussion - what's his qualification? I didn't realize he held national office with foreign policy experience.

As far as missing signs to the attack in Benghazi - I'm sure Ari Fleischer can explain that away as he was able to spin George W's ignoring the proven intell on 9/11/2001 away recently on AC360 and at this time I've not seen anyone present any proven intell on the attack in Benghazi.

Apparently, Anderson and AC360 no longer care about presenting ‘many points of view, so you can make up your own mind about the news’ - since their narrative was clearly a singular point of view shared by their many "guests". However, this viewer is smart enough to make up my own mind about the news - and to see through the sensational spin that was presented as "news" on tonight's AC360.

Note to Anderson and AC360 - we have a presidential election 43 days from now; perhaps you could spend your hour educating viewers on where the candidate stand on issues, what plans for moving our country forward they have outlined in their daily campaign speeches, you get the picture. You can do it with Anderson presenting factual reports and without the spin doctors on either side or your so called "experts" - now there's a novel idea.

I'm thinking President Obama and his administration/Department of State have their reasons for handling things the way they are and down the road, when it's safe to do so, those reasons will become clear.

Anonymous said...

Well guess what? AC360's bringing on John McCain and David Gergen for MORE Obama Administration bashing tonight? Will they even BOTHER to ask a Democrat to comment on anything? WHY are they being so blatantly BIASED?? It's disgusting.